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“The Time Traveler’s Wife”

best of surprising

We met each other through the college network on Facebook. One night, we talked about our favorite books. I mentioned mine was the “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and how I wish I could find a hardcover of it. A week later, I received a package. It was a limited edition hardcover of the book. We’d known each other only three weeks but I was already falling.


Postscript: It’ll be our two-year anniversary in ten days.

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“Sleeping on Skype”


She was my sister’s friend whom I hadn’t seen in at least 15 years. We randomly reconnected through Facebook. While on Skype one night, we both fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up, it hit me and I whispered “I Love You” to her in her sleep.


Postscript: We’ve been seeing each other long-distance for a few months now. Thanks, Skype.

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“Good help is hard to find”


He washed the walls in my new apartment for me even though we had only gone on two dates.


Postscript: We were married a little over a year later and am still married 41 years later.

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“Hate you”

best of strange

When we first met and everyone thought we had known one other for years. We finished each other’s sentences (obscure ones too). Both of us had just of bad relationships, and we didn’t think that we had the capacity to love anyone ever again. I’m a self admitted commitment-phobe. It was love when were parting ways and we would say, “Hate you.” I realized that I didn’t want to ever hate anyone else ever again.


Postscript: Still going strong, we’re moving to Hawaii later this year.

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best of

We already knew we loved each other, but we were reading It Was Love When the book, and I grabbed one of his used nose tissues to wipe my tears. I didn’t care. I knew this relationship should stay a thing. (We’ve been dating 2 years)

— Zoe

Postscript: Planning on engagement in about two years.

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“Never Over”

best of super sweet

1940: sophomores in high school — I invited him on a moonlight cruise on Lake Michigan and instant love on first date. Seven years later, including WWII overseas, we married.


Postscript: Eight children later and a long goodbye next to him in the hospital, he went with the angels to God. A marvelous long love story — never over.

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“A man in uniform”


I was hooked before he even spoke to me. He was in his Navy uniform.

—Supporting Our Troops

Postscript: Turns out the Navy is not conducive for a dating life.

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