“High and Tight”

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He’s in the military. It was about a week before he was set to deploy, I was with him for a long weekend on post. I had told him I loved him long before that and the weekend was filled with all sorts of wonderful moments, but I remember doing nothing on this day. Nothing except going to the barber shop to get his hair trimmed. As we waited, he held my hand and a tired calm washed over me. When it was finally his turn, I watched the lady carefully to see how she did it. He made faces at me the entire time. I realized then that I wanted to learn to cut his hair for him someday, and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Silly faces and all.


Postscript: The deployment came and went, feels like we’ve been through hell and back. It was rocky…and now he’s being stationed someplace else. We may or may not get married. I consider him the love of my life either way…and I still want someone to show me how to buzzcut a “high and tight.”

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