“I Could Finally Say”

best of surprising

It was love when I could finally say to myself, that I love him. I only just realized this a few minutes ago after being on the phone for hours into the wee morning. We finally said our goodnights and I felt a rush of warmth and longing for him wash over me. As I sat here reading “It was love when” I realized…it’s love. We talked about what the other thinks about as our heads hit the pillow, our eyes slowly shut, and the visions of one another are as sweet and vibrant as they are when we’re together.


Postscript: He may not love me yet, but he cares about me more than he does himself. If that’s not enough to admit my love for him—even if it’s just on this website for now—one day when he can say he feels the same it will make “the juice worth the squeeze.”

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