“It Just Felt Right”


I met him while I was still dating someone else (a loser).  Within a week he had already told me he loved me and if I gave him a chance he’d do everything he could to make me happy. Of course I thought he was full of crap. Nobody falls in love within a week, right? Wrong. He meant it.

At the time, I was tired of men and wanted to dump the other guy and just be single. But there was just something about him. I didn’t make it easy for him, but he was very patient and didn’t press me to do or say anything I wasn’t ready for. It took awhile for me to let my guard down but I’m so happy I did. He completely has my heart.


Postscript: When my father died, he quit his job to move across the country with me to help take care of my Mom. I think God sent me an angel. We’ve been together for 3 years.

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