“Catch Me, I’m Falling”

best of sweet

I was in chem class and was so sleepy and tired, that I feel asleep standing up leaning on a lab bench.  I lost my balance and fell, then woke up 15 minutes later in his arms. Waking up to his beautiful face and most brilliant green eyes , I realized this is what I wanted most to do: To wake up to every morning to this. When he blushed and smiled at me, my heart turned over.

—Contented In Love

Postscript: He caught me as I fell, and has caught my heart as well. It’s with him now, in his arms and I’m happy to say I’m blessed enough to wake up to him everyday. We dated that year , went our separate ways for university, and ended up meeting once again. We’ve been married for a year and are expecting a baby girl in September. I love him.


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  1. Nix says on :

    I love this one. =) Especially that you reconnected after university. Congratulations on the baby!