“Redneck Woman”

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I knew him since I was 13. I was the ugly fat chick with braces and fuzzy hair. I worked with him and we were friends, but just friends. I didn’t think he could like a girl like me. I was 200 pounds. I had a crush on him though. While working together he told me he was going to marry Gretchen Wilson someday, which was funny since I love Gretchen and her song “Redneck Woman.” Anyway we started going out after I ended a bad relationship. But he started acting distant, then he told me he had something to tell me, he told me he loved me, this was at 18. We got married 9-6-06. On our wedding day I was 145 pounds and am now 130. I know he loves me because he stood by me through thick and thin.


Postscript: Three years together and still in love, just bought a house. I’m still his redneck woman.

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