“Go Fast”

best of super

He was a regular at he coffee shop I managed. He asked if I wanted to go for a ride on his motorcycle. So, on that warm summer evening, out on a back road in the county, he took me for a ride. We stopped on the side of the road for a break and just talked for over an hour. On the way back, we tucked in and went fast. Around 170 mph. It was the most euphoric and free feeling in the world. I wasn’t scared a bit. I knew then and there that if I could trust him to take me 170 mph on his motorcycle, I could trust him with anything.


Postscript: We went on several more dates after that. A week later he told me he loved me and I said it back. We have been together for the past year and seven months and are getting married May 22, 2010. We still go fast on the bike, whenever he takes me for rides. One day, I’ll get my own.

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