“Baby it’s cold outside”


The relationship was long distance, and he’d come to visit me during my freshman year of college in Chicago. It was February and quite literally freezing, I warned him. He must not have heard me correctly because his “winter” clothes consisted of a windbreaker and jeans. Given no choice, I acquired clothes from the girls in my all-girls dorm hallway and clothed him in a woman’s coat, socks, scarf and hat. We spent an amazing weekend in the city together and I was generous with my mockery of his outfit. I could tell he was just happy we could be together and could care less about having to wear women’s clothing. That was the first time he said “I love you.”


Postscript: I was traded in for a girl closer to his home, who is enthusiastic about belly button rings and mesh clothing. He goes to school in California, so for better or worse, I don’t think he’ll need to borrow more women’s clothing anytime soon.

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