“Music Monday: Whitney Houston”


I don’t mean to make this blog all morbid, but it is unfortunate that both Etta James and Whitney Houston have passed on during the production of this very young blog. And it’s Whitney Houston — tribute must be paid.

There are so many Whitney Houston songs I never even realized I knew by heart because it was such a large part of my early childhood when she was in her heyday, and one Whitney moment I clearly remember is watching The Preacher’s Wife┬ámultiple times every year during the holiday season. I remember how warm and comfortable everything felt when I buried myself in a blanket to watch her on ABC Family. And I can never, ever forget her singing this song:

That voice! If you want more on the life of Whitney Houston, check out Biography‘s special on her life playing on Hulu.

Whitney, we miss you.

(video c/o YouTube)

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