“Barthes on Love”


I noticed you guys took a liking to quotes, so I’ve been trying to leave you with a good one every Friday. I mean, who doesn’t love a good quote about love?

I’ve been slowly (and I mean like two years slowly) making my way through Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, which is understandable since it’s basically a dictionary on the language/actions/history (or as Barthes would argue, a lack of one) of love. And many scholars would argue it’s the only one we’ll ever need. Interestingly enough, I never read anything by Barthes in undergrad and he was barely¬†referenced, but now, I’m slowly becoming more and more of a Barthes fan-girl, or at the very least, I want to know more. His thoughts are definitely worth more than a pretty penny, and I now have Camera Lucida¬†and The Pleasure of the Text lined up on my (extensive and not shrinking) reading list.

This excerpt, like many others I bookmarked, was great because I knew exactly what he was talking about and could name about fifty people off the top of my head that could empathize as well.

“I am the one who waits.”

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