“Modern Love is…”


I’ve been an Elle reader since high school, and this particular story, “Modern Love,” from 2010 stuck with me because it had a pretty cool video component. The story idea itself piqued my interests, but the brief (and I mean brief) info provided with the pictorial of NY/LA’s glitterati couples left me wanting more. Hence the accompanying videos on Elle.com. Some of my favorites:

Deborah Ann Wol (actress, HBO’s True Blood) and E.J. Scott (improv comedian, Chicago’s Second City)

Katie Aselton and Mark Duplass (costars, FX’s The League)

Olivia Palermo (socialite) and Johannes Huebl (model)

Adorable, right? There’s an endearing and special quality about video, watching them interact with each other, that isn’t the same on still film. I’m fascinated by how unique the loves are — hilarious, romantic, incredibly dorky (comic books in the mountains? I love it!).

A trend I noticed with the responses to the term “modern love” was this conservatism; this stay-at-home, comfortable, enjoyable kind of companionship. I have to admit — sometimes, I get antsy and discontent in my comfort. I think to myself, “I’m young. I have the rest of my life to sit still!” But then I realize that kind of companionship is a rare, rare commodity in this world, and that I am one lucky duck.

What is modern love to you?

(videos c/o Elle.com)

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