“First Couple”


Jodi Kantor (author of The Obamas) wrote a short piece in February’s Glamour on President and First Lady Obama, their marriage, and how Obama’s inauguration into office changed it. Granted, it’s a little shallow (hey, the lady’s gotta sell books), but it was something I hadn’t considered before. The First Couple, in my mind, are distant and inhuman, as are many public figures, and getting a glimpse into a White House marriage with its unique circumstances, ironically, brought the Obamas down to earth. Or at least a little closer to the ground.

Turns out some hardships aren’t too far off: equality, support, trust, laundry (you know, if you have a military valet do your laundry).

And what about having a joint career? To work so closely with a partner is something I never wanted for myself (let alone in the public eye), because I thought it would cause unnecessary stress on the relationship, but it looks like the strain only solidifies the Obamas’ marriage.

Any experiences in blending love and work? Perfect, great, not so great, don’t even go there? Share please.

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