“Love at first read”


Hello fellow itwaslovewhen.com readers, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the blog!

I am beyond excited that we are running and ready to bring a little narration to this operation (with the help of your voices, of course).

This blog won’t be about me but about the collective, which is why your participation, comments, suggestions, contributions will be vital to its ongoing publication. That’s one of the great things about love and falling in love — there’s an intrinsic commonality that binds together the human experience.

But first, a little bit about myself since we will be conversing with one another: my name is Esther, I’m a twenty-something (did you groan?), and I came across this site during a time in the near past (yes, even younger believe it or not) when I’d forgotten to believe in love, romance and the justified idiocy that comes with falling in love because, frankly, after seven years and two big bad relationships, it got too hard.

I’m in a different place, now, and while a lot of that progress came with time, some of it came from connecting with books, magazines, blogs and the stories on this website of strangers that never gave up; of love stories with happy endings that inspired hope or stories with just endings and two people different from who they were at the beginning.

Gosh, is that too heavy for a Monday morning? At least it’s more interesting than my favorite ice cream flavor, right?

I want this to be another source of inspiration, a reminder that in the end, it’s worth it.

Cue cornball music.

P.S. I don’t think The Beatles are cornball. At all.

(video c/o beatlemusical, via YouTube)

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