“Crush, Deliberation”

best of surprising

It was the end of high school. She’d been my crush for two years, the object of so many furtive glances. My every move toward her was planned, prioritized, considered, debated. We’d become friends; if not close, then trusting. In the final week of school, I tossed deliberation to the winds and asked her out.

— Dan

Postscript: We dated for five, heady months before the separation of college drove us apart.

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best of smart

Tired of trying the old singles party tricks , I went up to him – thin, a small smile beneath his lively eyes – and asked if he wanted to leave and grab some coffee. “Ok,” he said softly, “but only if we can talk about 50s noir while we drink.”


Postscript: We’re still drinking coffee, still watching 50s noir, and still adamantly avoiding the old singles’ parties.

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“A Street Car Named Designer”

best of smart

Seeing a new play, a pert be-skirted woman sat down on the seat next to me. As the play progressed, I grew a little tired of the actors, but the set kept on impressing me. “I wish the cast would leave and I could just hang out on the set,” I said to my mysterious companion. “I designed that,” she said immediately.


Postscript: We did hang out on the set that night, and it turned out our love of her work wasn’t the only thing we have in common.

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“Heretic Love”

best of smart

On my third day in college, a discussion leader divided up a class for a debate. One side of the room would defend the existence of God, the other deny it. As people shuffled around uncomfortably at the most poorly designed ice breaker of all time, I noticed that the atheist side was just me and a beautiful brunette. “Heretic,” she whispered at me.


Postscript: Six godless months later, she’s still whispering sly witticisms in my ear.

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“The Ant and the Grape”

best of surprising

I was driving the groom into the church parking lot when I saw her. She was hauling this ridiculously huge green Victorian costume she had to wear as bridesmaid out of her compact car. It was like an ant carrying a grape. The groom knew something was up when I fell dead silent in mid-sentence…and stayed silent.

–Irresponsible Uncle Billy

Postscript: Ten years later I was driving the cakes to our own wedding.

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“Sleeping Beauty”

best of sweet

We were both with other people at the time. We couldn’t hang out much, so we’d often chat online late into the night. One night we stayed up late watching Beauty and the Beast “together” over Youtube. She fell asleep during the ballroom dance scene. I gave her sh** for it, but I fell in love with her for it regardless. 

— Austin

Postscript: We’re nine months into our own now, ready to tackle the challenges of staying together through my forthcoming deployment. I imagine we’ll watch some more movies online together, and she’ll still fall asleep.

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“Roses are red, violets are…naked”

best of sexy

As I was reading her a poem that I wrote she started taking off her clothes.

— Andrew

Postscript: Poetry gets me laid.

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