“The Office”

best of sexy

I liked her for several months. Flirty text back and forth always so secretive. She was working for me for a month, filing mostly. She sat on my desk one night, straddling my keyboard!!! She made some comment about how she always has to make the first move!!! When she unbuttoned my pants she turned red and gushed!!! Haven’t had a lonely night since!!

— lalsplows

Postscript: I am the happiest I have ever been, meeting the love of my life during a late night office hook up!!!

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“Motorcycle Mamma”

best of sweet

He came up to me at work and said he noticed I rode a motorcycle. He said he did too and wanted to show me his bike. We went outside and it was an old beat up bike but I couldn’t help but smile at the pride he took in it and that he had re-built it himself.

— MJ

Postscript: Two years later we are together and expecting our first child.

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“That’s Love”

best of strange

He had me pluck the hair off the back of his shoulders and he started popping the pimples I couldn’t reach around my ears. You have to be truly dedicated to someone to do such disgusting things for each other.

— Sandy

Postscript: Almost three years later we are still together and expecting our first child.

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“It’s the little things”

best of strange

I have issues with wet paper. It’s just gross to me. Can’t stand it. We were out to eat at a Mexican place and when they brought me my super messy burrito it was in a basket lined with paper. I sat for a second trying to figure out how I was going to eat it too embarrassed to say anything when he left the table and came back with a plate for me. He said “I knew you’d be uncomfortable eating that so I got you a plate.”

— Wet Paper Hater

Postscript: We were together four years. Didn’t work out but I never forgot that.

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“The Bad Boy”

best of super

We met in 1968, freshman year, in algebra class. He was the bad boy “greaser” I couldn’t resist and I was the good girl. We never said much but when I missed a week of school for a funeral out of town he was worried about me and called to see where I was.

— Karen

Postscript: Thirty-eight years of marriage and three kids later we’re still together. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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“God Bless 311”

best of surprising

I started hooking up with a newly single friend. I thought I was just doing it for the “nookie” until we went to a 311 concert together as friends and some loser started hitting on her. I grabbed her and started making out with her making it obvious she wasn’t single anymore.

— Bob

Postscript: Five years later we’re still making out in public. God bless 311.

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“Sexy Momma”

best of sweet

He told me how sexy I was at 183 pounds and pregnant. I’m usually 125.

— Momma

Postscript: We’re still married but I did almost once burn the house down with him in it. Ahh…true love.

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