“Mad Men-esque Office Romance”

best of sexy

I liked her for several months. Flirty texting back and forth, always so secretive. She was working for me for a month, filing mostly. She sat on my desk one night, straddling my keyboard! She made some comment about how she always has to make the first move! Haven’t had a lonely night since!!


Postscript: I am the happiest I have ever been, meeting the love of my life during a late night office hook up!

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“Catch Me, I’m Falling”

best of sweet

I was in chem class and was so sleepy and tired, that I feel asleep standing up leaning on a lab bench.  I lost my balance and fell, then woke up 15 minutes later in his arms. Waking up to his beautiful face and most brilliant green eyes , I realized this is what I wanted most to do: To wake up to every morning to this. When he blushed and smiled at me, my heart turned over.

—Contented In Love

Postscript: He caught me as I fell, and has caught my heart as well. It’s with him now, in his arms and I’m happy to say I’m blessed enough to wake up to him everyday. We dated that year , went our separate ways for university, and ended up meeting once again. We’ve been married for a year and are expecting a baby girl in September. I love him.


“Truck Love”

best of surprising

I knew it was love when he called me to tell me he rolled his truck and my first instinct was to get in my car and go to him. I picked him up from the hospital. Two days later, I spent 5 hours on the road helping him take care of his totaled truck and get something new to drive.


Postscript: Two weeks later, his transmission went out. I helped him again without a single hesitation. He told me he loved me that evening.

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“Cushion Connection”

best of sweet

The first time she came round to mine, and we talked in-depth about relationships. She sat opposite me, hugging a cushion the whole time. Our eyes kept meeting then falling away, nervous of expressing too much. When she left, before I’d even realized, I was sitting where she had sat, hugging the same cushion.


Postscript: I realized then, hopelessly, it was love.

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best of surprising

After dating for a few weeks, we were fooling around at my house. I wanted to make sure he was having as much fun as I was, so I asked him to say something. He thought for a minute and said, “I love you.” Not what I was expecting, but after I thought a minute myself, I realized I loved him too.


Postscript: He was the first guy I ever dated who said “I love you” first, and we’re still together (and now married) five years later.

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“Original Plan”

best of strange

The original plan: Meet up with a nice Jewish boy I met online (, schmooze, booze and breakfast in bed.  Unfortunately, I suspected breakfast wouldn’t be kosher….so I ditched his ass, and met a nice Christian boy instead. He serenaded me with the lyrics, “I know who I want to take me home,” and from then on, I vowed to never J-Date again.

Cud and Clove

Aftermath:  Four weeks later, I’m still waiting for him to take me home…but things are definitely looking good!


“30 Years”

best of sexy

You know it’s love when you’ve not seen or talked to each other in over 30 yearsand once you see their name in an email you salivate.


Aftermath: It’s love when still see them after the 30 years and they’ve survived and so have you.

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