best of surprising

We met at a bar after we had both had a few too many. After she drunkenly smiled at me, I waited way too long to say anything. Once I did, she was on her way out the door.  After meeting up with her at a different bar, she forgot my name.  Drunk and tired, I weaseled my way into her apartment. When I tried to weasel my way into her bed, I was on the street before I knew it.  I pulled a Costanza though, and left my watch at her place.


Aftermath:  We had another date when we weren’t blitzed (to get my watch), and we realized we have more in common than a love of alcohol.  Now we’re to be married in June 2010.

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“One Night Stand”

best of surprising

I was a waitress, he was a cook. He kept watching me. My friend liked him, she asked him out, she dragged me with her, the cook and I started talking. He was planning a one night stand with me, I wasn’t planning anything.


Postscript: Seven years and three boys later, it has been a long one night stand.

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best of surprising

Over a year’s time, my boss kept asking me for a date. I kept telling him that I would never date anyone who had power over my job. I heard through the grapevine that he had asked for a transfer to another department. When his boss asked him why he wanted to move, he said it was so I would go on a date with him.


Postscript: He transferred, I dated him then married him. Now, I’m his boss.

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“A Billion Times”

best of super

Me and my boyfriend of 1 year and 6 months were driving to pick up our friend. On the way there,  someone almost ran into us—after which my boyfriend stuck his head out the window and started to yell and scream and cuss at the driver. I told him to calm down, that it was OK, his car was fine. But that’s not why he was worried. He told he he couldn’t live without me and he was mad because I could have died. I fell in love with him a billion times more because of it.


Postscript: He told me he loved me a long time before that, and I love him too…It’s been over 2 years now and I know we will be together forever and always.

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“Book Lovers”

best of smart

We met while working together at a pizza place. I was working through college and he was working part-time to supplement his income. He told a friend that he liked me and so we began talking more and more. Finally, we went on a date and during the date he had mentioned how much he liked to read and some books that he enjoyed. I, an avid reader as well, had some books by that same author so I told him I would let him borrow them. After a few weeks, we continued talking and dating, he came to work (on a day he had off) and said he wanted to return the books and would just put them in my car. I handed him my keys and when I finished my shift I found the most beautiful rose and note.


Postscript: That was just the beginning of our story. We were married 4 years after this.

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“Not So Sweet Dreams”

best of super

It was within the first couple weeks of knowing each other. He had a late, late night job. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning from a nightmare. I knew he’d be at work. I send him a text message telling him I just had a horrible nightmare. Expecting a text back, I was surprised when he actually called me to calm me down so I could go back to sleep. I felt protected and safe by the sound of his voice. I knew I loved him when he went the extra step and called me rather than just texting back and forth.


Postscript: He no longer works late nights and whenever I have a nightmare I just have to turn over and wake him up. I married that boy.

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“Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups”

best of super

I was at the beginning of what felt to be the longest shift of my life. On my break, I called him to complain about how bad my day was going and that I could really go for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. A few hours later, I went to the staff room for my lunch break and about 50 packs of Reese’s Pieces overflowed out of my locker. All the other employees were awkwardly staring, but I was glowing ear to ear.

—Moving On

Postscript: Turns out, all the sweet things he did for me were just to cover up years of his cheating ways. I’ve moved on now, couldn’t be happier.

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