“Just a tin can”

best of super

I hit a deer with his car. Actually, the deer ran into the car. He was super-concerned about me, not the car. When I kept apologizing, he said “It’s just a tin can. I can replace the car. I can’t replace you.” With this I knew it was love, not just lust.


Postscript: It’s six years later and we’ve been married for four of them.

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best of super

When I was 18 and he was 20, he said “Let’s get married by the time I am 25. I’ll propose to you when I’m 24 and three months.” I was so skeptical.


Postscript: I am now 23 and he is 25. We are getting married next May.

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“Still naked”

best of sexy

We visited a Roman spa where men and women could “spa together.” I also invited one of my girlfriends to join us. My beau, whom I am sure was excited that he was soon to spa with two beautiful women, was supportive in her attending our afternoon adventure. While there, I never saw sooo many flaccid penises in my life! That day, in the spa, surrounded by flesh, I knew we could be naked around each other forever.


Postscript: We married 2 years later and are still naked!

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“Naked ice cream”

best of sexy

After enjoying a wonderful first sleepover, she hopped out of bed and came back with a carton of ice-cream. Again: naked person and ice-cream. Classical art is scarcely as beautiful.


Postscript: We stayed together for the next couple of years. Then I got traded in for a bike mechanic with a ponytail.

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