“Nice Catch”

best of surprising

My father told me that he knew he loved my mother when he went to catch her throw up after a night of heavy drinking. After being convinced that that was what love was all about, I decided it wasn’t something I was willing to try. Years later, I found myself with a handful of boogers and a smile on my face. It wasn’t quite throw up, but frantic moment spent diving after that sneeze was enough to make me realize that I had found love.


Postscript: After two years, we’re still together and looking for an apartment.

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“The best medicine”

best of sweet

I was really sick and was working on a project until 1:30 in the morning. My boyfriend walked across campus to say goodnight to me and tuck me in. He even told me a bedtime story! The story of how we met, from his prospective.


Postscript: We’ve been together for 9 months, and he’s my first love.

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“Every single time.”

best of sweet

Every time I hear a love song on the radio in a store or anywhere, I get butterflies, think of him and smile. Every single time. It still happens.


Postscript: We’ve been together almost two years and I am convinced that he is my soulmate. Until forever ends.

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“Too much love”

best of strange

He wrote my name and drew little hearts all over his arm like tattoos and wore them to a concert. Later he called a radio station and professed his love for me.

— Diana

Postscript: He actually became obsessed with me and I had to break up with him.

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“Table for Two”

best of sweet

I was interested in this guy at work. I was the bar manager and he was a bartender so we did inventory together. One night after coming upstairs from the office he surprised me by setting up a table in the restaurant with candles and some great Italian food and wine glasses that had water in them.

— Gina

Postscript: After two years of dating we got married.

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“Sick Girl”

best of strange

I got the flu really bad and threw up all over the floor. He held my hair, wiped my tears and kissed my pukey face. Then he put me to bed and cleaned the whole thing up, including my clothes.

— Sick Girl

Postscript: Four years later he’s still taking care of me.

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“Death Metal Devotion”

best of surprising

He wrote me a terrible death metal love song and played it for me on his guitar. The music was horrifying but I knew he loved me.

— Michelle

Postscript: Sadly he passed away…

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