“Aim and fire”

best of strange

For a date, we went shooting at a range. I knew he was special because I worried about looking silly with a gun.


Postscript: We live together now and have had vague talks about getting married.


“Runaway Train”

best of sweet

On our second date we took in a Soul Asylum show at First Avenue in Minneapolis. He bought us beer with his fake ID. As we stood there immersed in the music, mouthing the words to every song and doing that weird head-bob thing, we’d look at one another, lock eyes and smile. I knew it was a life-defining relationship.


Postscript: I surprised him by planting a good, hard kiss on him after the show. We dated long-distance for a little more than three years. At 22, our lives went different directions. My heart still melts when I hear 90s alternative rock.

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“The fight”

best of super

It had been a long 3 hours and the fight seemed as though it were going to never end. I was convinced this relationship was ending and that he was just going to break up with me. As he grew angrier, he told me that he was going to leave. Before he stormed, out he came up to me, kissed me hard and told me he loved me. Even at my worst, he never gave up on me.


Postscript: We are now over a year into our relationship, and I am falling harder and harder with each passing moment.

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“Love in a Crockpot”

best of sweet

We were opening Christmas presents. Knowing how much I love to cook, he thoughtfully got me a crock pot I had been eyeing for a couple months. Although it was a very sweet sentiment, I found it a little odd that he would get me a crock pot for Christmas, until he suggested we open it to make sure it was the size I had wanted, and I discovered the necklace he had hidden inside.


Postscript: A year and half and going strong, he is my match in every way and I haven’t taken my necklace off since! I even make him a nice meal in my crock pot every once in a while!

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“Red Light”

best of surprising

When we were stopped at a light I turned my head and saw a busty 20-something blonde in a blue ’64 Mustang.

“Wow that’s sweet,” I said, referring to the car. So, my girlfriend looked the same direction and said, “Sure is, and the car is sweet too!” This caused me to miss the light turning green and to do an honest-to-god double-take at her. Then the driver behind me then began honking.


Postscript: We’ve been together for almost 12 years now. We both love classic and muscle cars and can appreciate the beauty of the female form. Red lights are a good thing.


“Hot Hockey Mom”

best of surprising

A friend and I decided to go to a hockey game with our sons—not knowing I was being set up. She is one hot woman, her and her friend talked about everything from hockey to leg shaving. She was trying to check me out and I was doing the same. All we said to each that night was hi and bye. I got her number and texted her to apologize for not talking to her. We talked for about 10 hours the next night.


Postscript: We have been “checking” each other out for over 2 years now! I knew after that first phone conversation she was my soulmate.

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“The Crane and Moonlight”

best of sweet

We went to a resort on the beach for a weekend. We had dinner and then went out on a pier behind the restaraunt to see the water. The moon was full and there was a crane looking for fish in the moonlight. We both looked at each other and about the same time we confessed to each other that we were falling in love.


Postscript: We are both divorced from 20 year marriages and starting in “life part two” and enjoying every minute that we can together!!!

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