best of surprising

I knew it was love when we exchanged padlock keys.


Postscript: I didn’t believe in soul mates before I met him. Now I believe in soul mates and happily ever after.

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best of sweet

I was camping with some friends of mine. A retreat with just us girls, a solidarity thing. I went out on the porch to call him from one of the girls’ phones, and his voice shut out the world.


Postscript: I knew then I was sunk.

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“City Lights”

best of surprising

Our relationship had moved pretty fast, and I had just gotten out of a rough, long term one a few months prior. I was scared to let her know how strongly felt, despite the short time. I had my arms around her while we were looking at the city lights, my heart beating fast. It just came out and I told her I loved her.


Postscript: She asked me to repeat it, then turned around and told me she loved me too. I’m so happy with her and I feel like things are gonna work out for us.

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“The Category”

best of super

My boyfriend and I had been dating a couple months when I went with him to a family dinner in another city. After dinner, we were in the living room with his two brothers sitting on the couch. He was looking at me, and I asked him what he was thinking. He looked up at me and simply said, “You are in the category of people I love.”  At that moment no one else was in the room and nothing else mattered.


Postscript: A year later we are still together, and though we are young we know we will make it.

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“Look at Me, I Love You”

best of surprising

At some point in my youth, my brain conjured up a scenario of true love: the man would lift my face up to his and say, “Look at me, I love you.”

I met him a couple years ago but recently reconnected at a friend’s wedding. At the after-party, I saw him walking toward me from the adjacent room. “Where are you going?” I asked. His eyes sparkled and when he said, “Wherever you are,” it immediately rang synonymous with “Look at me, I love you.”


Postscript: We both feel lucky and know we’ll be together till the end.

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“Fish in the Sea”

best of super

After our second date, he canceled a trip back to see his family so we could spend more time together. His mother called to tell him there were plenty more fish in the sea, but only one mother. He replied that there was no one else in the world like me.


Postscript: 3 years later and still going strong.

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“Kitty Love”

best of super

It was love when I was looking for a new home for my cat, because my roommate’s cat was always beating up on mine. He volunteered to take my cat and look after him at his place. The cat now belongs to both of us!


Postscript: Aftermath: My cat loves it there, and loves my boyfriend too!

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