best of surprising

After we spent the night together, we couldn’t spend the day together because he “had things to do.” Later that night, we were lying together in his bed, snuggling and reading together, when suddenly he turned off the lights and told me to look up at the ceiling. Glow-in-the-dark stars covered the entire ceiling, spelling out “I love you.”


Postscript: He’d spent the whole day working on it! I told him that I loved him too, and we’ve been together ever since.

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“Loch Ness Sasquatch”

best of strange

I met him at my best friend’s very first tea party about a year ago. I decided to go to the kitchen to make more tea then, out-of-the-blue, this endearing, bearded, blue-eyed gentleman with black framed glasses starts spewing fun facts about squids, the Loch Ness monster and Sasquatch. I laughed so hard my face hurt. Months later, he happened upon my workplace, we swapped numbers and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

—Smitten Kitten

Postscript: We’ve been together for almost four months. I met most of his extended family and he has met mine. We talk about the future now and most of my friends continue to tell me, “He’s the best you’ve ever had.” And I can’t really debate it, it’s true. I have never met anyone who complements me so well. He understands me and takes care of me and surprises me every day. I love him.

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“Tom Waits”

best of sexy

I had finished nursing school that day and we celebrated by drinking a half a liter of Maker’s Mark bourbon, lounging on my kitchen floor and singing every Tom Waits song we knew.


Postscript: We lasted a couple of weeks more. It was doomed for pretty obvious reasons; you can’t keep that kind of lifestyle up for very long without consequences.

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“Mouth Watering”

best of sweet

Three days after our Craigslist e-mail conversations, we had a sushi dinner date. Neither of us wanted a relationship so our walls were down and our true personalities showed. We spoke of tattoos, oranges, unagi and other random topics.

In the middle of the meal he gulped his water and then allowed it to dribble onto this shirt. Yes, he purposely drooled on himself. Rather than being mortified, I laughed.

When I got home that night and recapped the night to family, I stated that he was the cutest nerd I had ever seen. I thought to myself I could definitely see myself being with him for a long time if not forever. I was right.

—Curly K

Postscript: Three years later we’re so very in love, married and loving life together.

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“Family Guy”

best of surprising

I had dated him for a short time a few years back, and it didn’t work out. I went out to a bar with my roommate and proceeded to get very drunk. I saw him, said hello, and told him to come back to my place with me. He was gone when I woke up hungover the next morning, and I was actually grateful for it. Later that day, he called my roommate’s phone (I never gave him my number) and asked to come hang out and watch Family Guy with me. I thought there must be something special about a guy who still wants to be with me when I’m at my worst.


Postscript: It’s been 3 years and we just got engaged. Sometimes you gotta give a guy another chance.

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“Redneck Woman”

best of super

I knew him since I was 13. I was the ugly fat chick with braces and fuzzy hair. I worked with him and we were friends, but just friends. I didn’t think he could like a girl like me. I was 200 pounds. I had a crush on him though. While working together he told me he was going to marry Gretchen Wilson someday, which was funny since I love Gretchen and her song “Redneck Woman.” Anyway we started going out after I ended a bad relationship. But he started acting distant, then he told me he had something to tell me, he told me he loved me, this was at 18. We got married 9-6-06. On our wedding day I was 145 pounds and am now 130. I know he loves me because he stood by me through thick and thin.


Postscript: Three years together and still in love, just bought a house. I’m still his redneck woman.

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“Mortal Enemies”

best of strange

I met him through a friend of mine – he happened to be dating her at the time, and from the moment I laid eyes on him, I hated him. He was persistent in talking to me, even if we fought constantly, and eventually he started to grow on me a little. I didn’t realize how much until one night, in a moment of total stupidity, we ended up in a threesome with a mutual friend that ended up getting cut short… and when we were supposed to pick up where we left off the next day, the other girl never showed, we made incredible love, and have never looked back.


Postscript: We’re getting married, and going to have the most incredible life together ever.

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