“Elvis Presley told me”

best of strange

I had a dream in which Elvis Presley told me he was the one I was looking for.


Postscript: After eight years of on-again, off-again high passion and high drama, it turns out Elvis ain’t the smartest guy about relationships. The guy may be gone, but my love for Elvis remains.

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“Calvin and Hobbes”

best of super

In college, I was a fan of the “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip and ate Honey Bunches of Oats cereal religiously. After dating a girl for only a couple of weeks, Valentine’s Day came around and she gave me a box of the cereal with “Calvin and Hobbes” strips taped over all over it.


Postscript: I never told her I loved her and proceeded to make several more bad decisions to eventually end it.

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“Just as kinky”

best of sexy

It was love when I realized that — on top of everything else — he was just as kinky as I was and I didn’t have to be embarrassed or hide it anymore.


Postscript: Five years and two kids later, we’re happy and as kinky as ever.

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“Go for the joke”

best of smart

We both have the “go for the joke” gene—that risk-taking, occasionally destructive tendency to joke about anything, anywhere. Early on, I knew she was smart, funny, willing to take chances and shared the same twisted sense of humor. I would never be bored, always challenged and we could laugh about anything. That’s huge.


Postscript: We married three years later, after many laugh-so-hard-it-hurts landmarks and the occasional joke dud. She still makes me laugh.

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“Literary Love”

best of surprising

We were just friends, but I was always kinda into him & recently those feelings were getting more intense. Then, at a bookstore one day, he called to me from down the aisle, “Hey! Darling! What book is that?” My heart jumped, flipped, froze and melted.

— Ronni

Postscript: He can call me that anytime.

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“Looseness and Wild Relief”

best of super

Our play had been a success, though of course I hadn’t liked it much. She’d been great, though, and somehow the looseness and wild relief of the after party buoyed me across the room to her. She said she’d never seen me like this – cheery, the smile on my face without a trace of irony.

— Steve

Postscript: We dangled our feet in a pool, later that night, and quietly talked till dawn as we watched the darting reflections on the water.

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“Gimme Some Sugar, Baby”

best of sweet

We began dating a week prior to my birthday. He bought me a gaming guide for World of Warcraft and a Bruce Campbell movie and poster—he paid attention to what I liked and didn’t get me the standard flowers or candy.


Postscript: We’re married and happy and play WoW together. (Yep, we’re nerds!)

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