“Music Monday: Lemonade”


It always surprises me how strongly and immediately certain songs bring to mind the memories attached to them. For example, my now-boyfriend and just friend at the time posted the lyrics to this particular song (“Lemonade” by Chris Rice) after he pursued me (unbeknownst to me) and we ended up together at last. And now, whenever I hear this song, it literally makes me feel the giddiness that comes with the start of a really great love. I remember everything about the moment I read those lyrics; I can even feel the early summer sun that was coming through my bedroom window.

What about you? Any love songs with love stories?

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That’s right, folks. Today is February 1, meaning you have exactly two weeks to figure out the impossible restaurant reservations and the even more impossible V-Day gift. And let’s face it — you didn’t even realize it was February already, let alone even think about reservations. As for the gift, how do you express your love through a material good? Personally, I don’t think $$$ equals love, and you can’t ever go wrong with something thoughtful, sentimental, and with a little cheese. (What is she gonna say? She hates your sugary sweet thoughtfulness?) And if you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this, Etsy is the ultimate destination for lovey-dovey cheeseballs, such as yours truly. So, being the good friend I am, I pulled a few favorites that’ll get you in the good graces of your girl.

A tongue-in-cheek way of telling her how you feel and scoring you extra points for creativity and humor. It’s a win-win.

For the individual, a custom-made fragrance. You don’t get more romantic than that. (Disclaimer: You probably need to know her well enough to get this one — fragrances can be tricky and preferences range widely.)

For the lover of sugar, these have Valentine’s Day fondant-ed all over it.

Do I really need to say anything about these? I can’t imagine a better way to start my mornings.

For the married couple — now you can get started on those love letters!

And if you’d rather send an economical and un-lame email instead of another just-papercut-me-now Hallmark card, consider these funny Valentine’s cards (again from Etsy) or these non-American Greeting virtual cards from Paperless Post — I promise they’re not your average online cards.

And if you’re looking for man-gifts, sorry, but you’re on your own. I’m just as lost as you.

(images c/o Etsy sellers; images link to sellers)

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“To My Wife”


I am sure there are a million and one of these tumblrs floating about on the interwebs now (“To My Future Wife,” “To My Husband,” etc.), but I remember finding this one a long while back. I believe it’s the original blogger who came up with the smart idea to write short, snarky and funny love notes. Although he stopped blogging in September 2011, if you don’t have him on your blogroll yet, there are 26 pages of material to keep you occupied until the weekend is here!

Ones that made me smile:



(post images c/o “To My Wife” via Tumblr)

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“Music Monday: Shy That Way”


What can I say? I’m a sucker for duets. I love the original of this (by Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz), but there are so many — so many — talented people out there, and I love that everything is now accessible thanks to YouTube. So, here’s a really fantastic cover by Clara C and Joseph Vincent, and look out for more  YouTube-discovered artists on Music Mondays!

(video c/o of Clara C via YouTube)

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“What Makes True Love”


I hope you aren’t video-fatigued yet because this one is special:

Like I said before, there is something really great about the combination of story and movement that comes from video, especially when it comes to showcasing the love between two people. Most of these couples don’t say a word, but you definitely get an understanding, however minute, about how they are with each other. And you can’t go wrong with photographers/bloggers/internet sensations Scott Schuman (genius behind The Sartorialist) and Garance Doré, especially when it’s a collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

I’ve been avoiding this post because I don’t like beating a dead horse (plus, I mentioned the Tiffany campaign already), but the snapshots taken by the dynamic duo are, for lack of a better word, AWESOME. If you’re a Valentine’s Grinch, these will definitely grow your little heart three sizes.

(YouTube video c/o Garance Doré, images c/o Tiffany’s What Makes True Love via Garance Doré and The Sartorialist)

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“It Was Love When”


The book! If you weren’t aware, the book-baby of this awesome site was recently released, and while we’re on the subject of Valentine’s gifts, perfect timing, right? (Yes, a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone.) Seriously though. If you’re looking for something sentimental and economical, it completely fits the bill.

Get it for yourself, your honey or your friends right here.

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“Barthes on Love”


I noticed you guys took a liking to quotes, so I’ve been trying to leave you with a good one every Friday. I mean, who doesn’t love a good quote about love?

I’ve been slowly (and I mean like two years slowly) making my way through Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, which is understandable since it’s basically a dictionary on the language/actions/history (or as Barthes would argue, a lack of one) of love. And many scholars would argue it’s the only one we’ll ever need. Interestingly enough, I never read anything by Barthes in undergrad and he was barely referenced, but now, I’m slowly becoming more and more of a Barthes fan-girl, or at the very least, I want to know more. His thoughts are definitely worth more than a pretty penny, and I now have Camera Lucida and The Pleasure of the Text lined up on my (extensive and not shrinking) reading list.

This excerpt, like many others I bookmarked, was great because I knew exactly what he was talking about and could name about fifty people off the top of my head that could empathize as well.

“I am the one who waits.”

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