“Music Monday: Whitney Houston”


I don’t mean to make this blog all morbid, but it is unfortunate that both Etta James and Whitney Houston have passed on during the production of this very young blog. And it’s Whitney Houston — tribute must be paid.

There are so many Whitney Houston songs I never even realized I knew by heart because it was such a large part of my early childhood when she was in her heyday, and one Whitney moment I clearly remember is watching The Preacher’s Wife multiple times every year during the holiday season. I remember how warm and comfortable everything felt when I buried myself in a blanket to watch her on ABC Family. And I can never, ever forget her singing this song:

That voice! If you want more on the life of Whitney Houston, check out Biography‘s special on her life playing on Hulu.

Whitney, we miss you.

(video c/o YouTube)

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“Date Night”


Plans anyone? Or maybe you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a teeny love-rut. If that’s the case, here’s an ingenious and charming idea to bail you out — for an entire year!

Shannon Brown surprised her hubby on Christmas 2010 with a basket filled with 12 envelopes, each with a surprise date. At the beginning of every month last year, they opened an envelope and set a date. I know — cavity-inducing sweet. If you want to check out the dates, Shannon chronicled them on her blog.

What are you lovebirds waiting for? Go have a blast this weekend, and I’ll see you back on Monday.

(image and “Love Basket” c/o Shannon Brown)

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“Gaga or Love”


Sorry, Lady Gaga, but I’m pretty sure millions of Americans wake up every morning with their careers telling them they don’t love them. I know I have definitely had one (or more) of those mornings. Not everyone’s a worldwide phenomenon, and it’s more than a little silly that the megastar made that huge assumption.

All silliness aside, does Gaga have a point?** I’m slowly creeping up to what is looking more and more like a crossroads between love and career, but does it have to be that way? What if love is a part of the dream? In an age where every day we’re told we can have it all if we put in the work, can we actually have it all? Or is choosing simply another part of growing up?

I completely disagree with her opinion that there aren’t any trade-offs in choosing career over love. What stumps me more is — I wasn’t aware that I had to choose. What do you think? Agree or disagree with Gaga? Answers to my dilemma?

** The quote was pulled from an interview published in the February 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan.

(original image c/o foeock via Flickr, edited image by

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“Music Monday”


In case you didn’t catch on (I guess the title is a dead giveaway), Mondays will be devoted to songs about love from all genres, from any time. (There’s a lot of them.) Love doesn’t need a translator or time machine to be understood.

The lyrics of this song are full of the romantic antiquities of yesteryear, and it reminds me love always involves putting yourself out on a limb. I loved this cover by She & Him, and I hope it helps you start your week on a good note!

(video c/o YouTube)

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“Kids Say the Darndest Things”


…about love. I promise this will keep you in good spirits until the weekend officially starts.

Tiffany & Co.’s “What Makes True Love” project has a ton of fuzzy-feeling things like this video, if that wasn’t enough for you on this gloomy winter’s day (at least here in Chicago!).

Have a love-filled weekend!

(video c/o OfficialTiffanyAndCo, via YouTube)

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“Music Friday: If The Stars Were Mine”


Since we missed this week’s Music Monday, I thought I’d share a personal favorite to give you a very sweet start to your weekend. If I were forced to serenade my sweetheart, this song by Melody Gardot would be it. I feel like it encompasses my personality and the way I love someone — sweet, simple, quirky, off kilter, and with un peu de la jeune fille francaise thrown in.

It’s a good thing they don’t ever have this song at karaoke bars. As in a good thing for humanity.

Is there a love song that perfectly resonates with your personality?

(video c/o YouTube)

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“Leap Day”


Happy Leap Day blog readers! And do you know what that means? Well, hike up your petticoats and  gird your loins because according to folk traditions in the British Isles, today is the one day a woman is allowed to propose to her man.

There isn’t any concrete evidence of the archaic custom (save a line in the 17th century play The Maydes Metamorphosis), but according to various sources, Leap Day was seen (by the English) as a solution to “fix” a “problem” in the calendar and was deemed appropriate to also use to “fix” the unjust custom of the proposal as the man’s prerogative.

In 1288, the Queen of the Scots supposedly passed a law (she was five) requiring men who rejected a proposal to pay fines ranging from a kiss to a silk dress. On the proposer’s side of things, women with plans to snap up a mate were required to a red petticoat as “a fair warning,” according to the WSJ. Hilarious, right?

Well, if that didn’t make you chuckle, I hope you get a kick out of these postcards from the early 1900s:

That last one is my personal favorite.

Got any special Leap Day plans of your own? If that’s you, all of my admiration and good luck to you!

(images c/o Wikimedia Commons)

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