“Super Freak”

best of sexy

After a few dates we finally had sex and it was EPIC! She’s a FREAK!

— B to the Ryan

Postscript: Still freaky and I’m shopping for rings!

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“Tom Waits”

best of sexy

I had finished nursing school that day and we celebrated by drinking a half a liter of Maker’s Mark bourbon, lounging on my kitchen floor and singing every Tom Waits song we knew.


Postscript: We lasted a couple of weeks more. It was doomed for pretty obvious reasons; you can’t keep that kind of lifestyle up for very long without consequences.

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“Just as kinky”

best of sexy

It was love when I realized that — on top of everything else — he was just as kinky as I was and I didn’t have to be embarrassed or hide it anymore.


Postscript: Five years and two kids later, we’re happy and as kinky as ever.

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“Roses are red, violets are…naked”

best of sexy

As I was reading her a poem that I wrote she started taking off her clothes.

— Andrew

Postscript: Poetry gets me laid.

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“The Office”

best of sexy

I liked her for several months. Flirty text back and forth always so secretive. She was working for me for a month, filing mostly. She sat on my desk one night, straddling my keyboard!!! She made some comment about how she always has to make the first move!!! When she unbuttoned my pants she turned red and gushed!!! Haven’t had a lonely night since!!

— lalsplows

Postscript: I am the happiest I have ever been, meeting the love of my life during a late night office hook up!!!

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“Taco Bell Lust”


I realized I wanted to have sex with him everywhere…outside, in the car, behind Taco Bell…I’d do anything for him…

— Victoria

Postscript:  …including max out my credit card to bail him out. He stole from me, cheated on me and broke my heart.

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“Green-Eyed Threesome”


After three years of dating she decided she wanted to start having threesomes. Of course I was ALL about it.

— Chris

Postscript: Though it was fun, we just couldn’t handle it. She became really jealous and insecure and we decided to end it. We still hang out occasionally though and she wants to get back together, all the while dangling the prospects of threesomes in front of me like a dirt farmer dangling a carrot in front of a mule.

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