“Mad Men-esque Office Romance”

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I liked her for several months. Flirty texting back and forth, always so secretive. She was working for me for a month, filing mostly. She sat on my desk one night, straddling my keyboard! She made some comment about how she always has to make the first move! Haven’t had a lonely night since!!


Postscript: I am the happiest I have ever been, meeting the love of my life during a late night office hook up!

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“30 Years”

best of sexy

You know it’s love when you’ve not seen or talked to each other in over 30 yearsand once you see their name in an email you salivate.


Aftermath: It’s love when still see them after the 30 years and they’ve survived and so have you.

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“Still naked”

best of sexy

We visited a Roman spa where men and women could “spa together.” I also invited one of my girlfriends to join us. My beau, whom I am sure was excited that he was soon to spa with two beautiful women, was supportive in her attending our afternoon adventure. While there, I never saw sooo many flaccid penises in my life! That day, in the spa, surrounded by flesh, I knew we could be naked around each other forever.


Postscript: We married 2 years later and are still naked!

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“Naked ice cream”

best of sexy

After enjoying a wonderful first sleepover, she hopped out of bed and came back with a carton of ice-cream. Again: naked person and ice-cream. Classical art is scarcely as beautiful.


Postscript: We stayed together for the next couple of years. Then I got traded in for a bike mechanic with a ponytail.

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