“Hate you”

best of strange

When we first met and everyone thought we had known one other for years. We finished each other’s sentences (obscure ones too). Both of us had just of bad relationships, and we didn’t think that we had the capacity to love anyone ever again. I’m a self admitted commitment-phobe. It was love when were parting ways and we would say, “Hate you.” I realized that I didn’t want to ever hate anyone else ever again.


Postscript: Still going strong, we’re moving to Hawaii later this year.

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“The ol’ switcheroo”


My friend was interested in him first, but it didn’t work out between them. The more she talked about him, the more he grew on me. Eventually, I couldn’t deny it.


Postscript: He decided he liked men, and we dated for two years. Things fall apart.

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“Vodka, vomit, victory”


A friend handed me a water bottle full of vodka, and I proceeded to wash the whole thing down within 20 minutes in front of new friends and a new crush. Predictably, I ended up vomiting in the hallway, the stairwell, and outside underneath a tree. My new crush held my hair back, and in the morning I woke up tucked into his bed while he slept on the floor.


Postscript: We dated for 2 years, he turned out to be a bit too sensitive. And whiny.

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“Fried Chicken and Love”


She took me to get one of the first Double Downs and still loved me after.


Postscript: We’re engaged

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“Dying for love”


After a terrible first date, I reluctantly agreed to go on a second date because we worked together and I didn’t want it to get awkward. During dinner he choked on his food and almost passed out. After I finished laughing I choked on mine and nearly passed out. We spent the rest of the night watching YouTube videos on our phones in a Wal Mart parking lot.


Postscript: We’ve been together for almost 7 months and plan on moving in together this summer.

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“Smelly and sweet”


He farted under the covers.  He gave me a large smile.  And then began laughing uncontrollably.  Love never smelled so pungent.


Postscript: We’ve been dating for a few months now. Nothing I do in front of him is ever embarrassing.

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“Special friends”


“Will you be my special friend?” he asked me one hot Texas summer night. We’d known each other for months, and I was already in love with him. We shared an awkward kiss and then sprawled on his backyard. The next year he moved to Chicago, and we sent mixed tapes and letters back and forth. He returned the next year so we could merge our mixed tapes. Two years later he convinced me to move back to Chicago with him. He dumped me the next year.


Postscript: Yet another year has gone by. We’re still friends, but neither of us has found a new special friend.

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