“A Great Responsibility”


I knew after I agreed to spend an afternoon in his barn to shovel cow poop because it was the only sole responsibility I felt qualified to do.


Postscript: Now he’s got me picking up dead chickens! But I get free chicken breast, eggs, and milk in return, so I guess it’s really love.

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“The elementary seduction”


I made fun of her. She shoved me into a chair. We went on our first date two weeks later. It’s good to know that fifth-grade habits still apply in college.


Postscript: We dated for two months and then split.

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“Brought together by the Burger King”


We stayed up until 6 in the morning just talking and decided to get Burger King breakfast. He didn’t judge when I ordered hash browns, a Croissan’Wich, french toast sticks and an orange juice.


Postscript: I’ve gained 10 pounds since being with him, but he still makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.

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“Pins and needles”


I went for very minor surgery and was accompanied only by my mom and dad. I have a horrible fear of needles and anesthesia where I believe I will not wake from it. Surgery went without incident, and I was put in the recovery room. The first thing I screamed when I came to was, “WHERE ARE YOU?!” It was in this drug-induced state that I really did want him there, every moment of every day.


Postscript: I was lucky that he felt the same way, and he spent the following days of my recovery, and the past four years, by my side. We’re getting married this summer.

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“Birthday, booze, barf”


I fell in love drunkenly dancing with a guy to cocaine blues at my birthday party.


Postscript: I barfed, and we dated for two years.

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“Indoor Parking”


We talked about living together but when he bought a condo he didn’t mention me moving in. I didn’t want to press him but wondered where things were going. One night, soon after, I came over and while he was running off the list of things he did that day he threw in that he had bought an additional parking space for me. I moved in that week.

— Natalie

Postscript: Two years later we still live very well together. And anyone from the Midwest can appreciate the value of indoor parking for winter.

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“Shoes are a girl’s best friend”


He built me a shoe rack. Eat your heart out Imelda Marcos.

— Morgan

Postscript: We’re engaged.

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