“That’s Love”

best of strange

He had me pluck the hair off the back of his shoulders and he started popping the pimples I couldn’t reach around my ears. You have to be truly dedicated to someone to do such disgusting things for each other.

— Sandy

Postscript: Almost three years later we are still together and expecting our first child.

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“It’s the little things”

best of strange

I have issues with wet paper. It’s just gross to me. Can’t stand it. We were out to eat at a Mexican place and when they brought me my super messy burrito it was in a basket lined with paper. I sat for a second trying to figure out how I was going to eat it too embarrassed to say anything when he left the table and came back with a plate for me. He said “I knew you’d be uncomfortable eating that so I got you a plate.”

— Wet Paper Hater

Postscript: We were together four years. Didn’t work out but I never forgot that.

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“Original Plan”

best of strange

The original plan: Meet up with a nice Jewish boy I met online (, schmooze, booze and breakfast in bed.  Unfortunately, I suspected breakfast wouldn’t be kosher….so I ditched his ass, and met a nice Christian boy instead. He serenaded me with the lyrics, “I know who I want to take me home,” and from then on, I vowed to never J-Date again.

Cud and Clove

Aftermath:  Four weeks later, I’m still waiting for him to take me home…but things are definitely looking good!



best of strange

I was on MySpace looking for a friend of mine. I typed in his name and a bunch of people with the same name came up…of course. The picture on his MySpace looked a lot like it could possibly be my friend so I messaged him. Later that evening I received an email from him letting me know that he wasn’t the guy I was looking for. I replied back with an apology. So he messaged back asking me questions about myself and thought I was beautiful. So we wrote back and forth for a few days then we decided to exchange numbers. After 4 long months of texting and hours of talking on the phone we decided to meet. He came over to my place to watch a movie. Things went perfect! He was so respectful! We were sitting close and as I looked over at him to make a silly face… he leaned in to kissed me… we couldn’t stop. He held me so tight… I could feel his heart beat. I pulled myself away because I knew he was leaving for a few months and I didn’t want to get hurt.

I met another man while he was gone and I messed up. Married him 1.5 days after we met. Not the smartest thing. Even though I was married, the name I met on MySpace kept in touch as friends… emailing or texting secretly. Just to see if all was well. We always had this amazing connection and no matter if I deleted him off my MySpace or changed my number… some how we always found each other. My husband and I split and the moment he heard that we both wanted back into each other lives. 3.5 yrs later we remain great friends.

Just a few days ago I got a text from him saying “The stars are finally on our side baby!” I can honestly say I stopped breathing for a minute and had to reread the text 100 times. I knew I loved him when I read it for the 100th time and I felt the same as I did reading it the 1st time. I went to see him that night . . . things changed for us. We still aren’t ready… but things are amazing how they are! It’s been the best 3.5 yrs of my life getting to know this man! If this is what True Love feels like… im the luckiest girl in the world!


Postscript: We’ve never made love… but when we do… it will be amazing!


“Go F*** Yourself”


When I took her photo she flipped me the bird. I knew then and there she was the one for me.


Postscript: Two years later we are still adorable. She is moving to San Francisco next week.

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He made me nervous from the first time I met him, I couldn’t figure out why. We were friends with the same people and we were all a little crazy. We all played Whirlyball one night, and I guess I was so good that he  decided to ask me to a movie. I didn’t know if it was a real date or not, until he smelled my new fruity smelling shoes and we kissed when he dropped me off at home. He also sang a really sweet version of “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner one night, months into our dating. Inseparable ever since.


Postscript: We dated for a 6 months, my cat moved in, I moved in and we have been married over a year and have a beautiful child together. My hormones really get on his nerves, but at the end of the day we love each other. A lot. He is the most patient Zen person I know.

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“After me”


Every guy that I have been with would leave me for asking so many questions and yelling at them. But after I yelled at him and went away, he came after me. He was the first guy to ever do that.


Postscript: He was the only guy who could take my crap.

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