I knew I was in love when my boyfriend lifted me up twirled me around and kissed me. I’ve been self conscious of my weight for so many years, battling early stages of eating disorders and constantly feeling worthless. For that moment I felt pure bliss. I felt weightless. I felt loved.


Postscript: He means the world to me, and I would do anything to keep him in my life.

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“That’s the ticket”


I had an extra opera ticket I couldn’t use, so I advertised online for someone to use it. The woman who answered the ad came over to the house; we talked for 8 hours. We never made it to the show and became lovers the next week.


Postscript: We are getting married this summer. Pretty good trade for Gotterdamerung.

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“Spit and Run”


I saw him coming from across the room. Tall, dark and handsome (so typical but true). Smile that lit the room. Hundreds of people all around. Yet he was all I could focus on. Was he really coming straight for me? Yes, he was. Standing with a group of men in converstions about their business, Mr. Smiles breaks right in, interupting the conversation. He looks right at me and says, “I have a story I want to tell you.” He goes on… “I was having breakfast with my son. He says, ‘Daddy, someday I want to be just like you, a business man.’ I say, ‘Well, what do you think that will entail?’ He answers, ‘I will go to work and shake hands like the other guys. Here is how I’m going to do it.’ The boy puts out his hand and gives me a vigorous shake. At this point I realized that he had spit in his hand.” Mr. Smiles laughs out loud. That was it, I was caught by his charm. His eyes, his smile seared in my brain. But with an apparent small child. Was he married? Divorced? A single dad? All these thoughts go rushing though my head. Next thing I learn is that he is actually doing business in my small town. We exchange buisness cards. That’s were it all began. My heart split open. It felt like a fire burning inside of me. It was the wonderful glow of passion.


Postscript: I never felt so alive. A rush I will never forget.

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“Rock & roll love”


A boring night of serving drinks turned into a life-changing event, when a boy walked into my bar and caught my eye. When he later introduced himself, I found out he was from Chicago and played drums in one of the bands that would be playing the show I was working that night. I discovered his band was one I had loved for years.

After we spent all night awkwardly flirting with each other, I thought to myself, “Now, why can’t I meet a guy like this?” but quickly realized, “Wait! I did!” We spent the rest of the night/early morning talking and falling hard for each other. Two weeks later, we split the cost of a plane ticket for me to fly from Philadelphia to Chicago for a visit.


Postscript: Almost four years later, I’ll have lived in Chicago for three years, and we’re still going strong.

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“Love at first sight”


I got into a university far away, but neither of us could say goodbye. Every weekend for the following six months, he would bike 350 miles through one of the harshest and coldest winters recorded to see me.


Postscript: Now almost a year down the line, we live in the same city, and we’re very much in love. He still tells me he fell in love the moment he saw me.

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“Mario brother”


I met him in college playing Super Mario Brothers with friends. He never even looked up at me. So I said “screw it.” Later that week, I went out to a club, where I ended up running back into “Mario.” (I never knew his name). It turns out he had noticed me and wanted to know everything about me. We left the club together and watched a late-night movie. That night I fell asleep wrapped in his arms.

— Princess Peach

Postscript: What I didn’t know that night was that four years later we would be married with two kids!

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“Religion and rebellion”

super sweet

We were of two different religions, and his parents were not accepting of my faith. He told them that he was going to marry me regardless of what they felt.


Postscript: We have been married for 37 years, raised three children, and celebrate both religions in our home.

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