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A few months after a nasty breakup my (now) boyfriend and I started dating. I was really hesitant for him to meet my young son, but he was persistent and I finally let them meet. A few months later, he was leaving to go home when my son said,  “I love you.” He immediately said, “I love you too, buddy.” That’s when I knew I loved him.


Postscript: Over a year later and we’re still going strong

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“The Category”

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My boyfriend and I had been dating a couple months when I went with him to a family dinner in another city. After dinner, we were in the living room with his two brothers sitting on the couch. He was looking at me, and I asked him what he was thinking. He looked up at me and simply said, “You are in the category of people I love.”  At that moment no one else was in the room and nothing else mattered.


Postscript: A year later we are still together, and though we are young we know we will make it.

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“Fish in the Sea”

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After our second date, he canceled a trip back to see his family so we could spend more time together. His mother called to tell him there were plenty more fish in the sea, but only one mother. He replied that there was no one else in the world like me.


Postscript: 3 years later and still going strong.

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“Kitty Love”

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It was love when I was looking for a new home for my cat, because my roommate’s cat was always beating up on mine. He volunteered to take my cat and look after him at his place. The cat now belongs to both of us!


Postscript: Aftermath: My cat loves it there, and loves my boyfriend too!

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“Redneck Woman”

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I knew him since I was 13. I was the ugly fat chick with braces and fuzzy hair. I worked with him and we were friends, but just friends. I didn’t think he could like a girl like me. I was 200 pounds. I had a crush on him though. While working together he told me he was going to marry Gretchen Wilson someday, which was funny since I love Gretchen and her song “Redneck Woman.” Anyway we started going out after I ended a bad relationship. But he started acting distant, then he told me he had something to tell me, he told me he loved me, this was at 18. We got married 9-6-06. On our wedding day I was 145 pounds and am now 130. I know he loves me because he stood by me through thick and thin.


Postscript: Three years together and still in love, just bought a house. I’m still his redneck woman.

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“Food poisoning”

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Three months into our relationship and we had both gotten a bad case of food poisoning and it was coming out both ends. He got better before I did, but one day we were driving home and I asked him to pull over so I could vomit. He had to pull over three other times during the drive. On the last time, 50 feet from my apartment, I had to get out and vomit…I also pooped my pants. I knew it was love when he set down a shirt for me to sit on and let me get back into his car.


Postscript : We’ve been married almost a year.

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She listened, asked questions, and cared about how things ended with my ex. Then she raced me down the ramp at the ballpark in Arlington (home of the Texas Rangers), and watched the fireworks from my truck. I waited until I was sure to tell her, but it started that night.

—Love’s bigger in Texas

Postscript: Married five years now, have a wonderful little boy, and love each other more and more each day.

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