We were walking briskly down a street in Brooklyn on a rainy day. She was in the middle of an anecdote, when she stopped dead in her tracks and picked up a frantically writhing earthworm that got stranded on the sidewalk. She picked it up, walked it over to the dirt around a tree, released it, then continued walking and telling her anecdote.


Postscript: I’m still waiting on Hollywood’s version of the event, Michael Cera as myself, and a young Mary-Louis Parker as the dame.

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“Male Martha Stewart”


We went snowboarding on a clear but frosty day, and he whipped out a thermos of Irish coffee at the top of a beautiful bluff. This was a man with a plan, and a romantic with a touch of Martha Stewart. Delicious.


Postscript: We dated for 3 1/2 years full of outdoor adventures, music, laughs and culinary delights.

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“Meet the Parents”


I took her to meet my parents, and when I introduced her, she nearly tackled them in a hug. You can’t not love someone with that much joy inside them.


Postscript: In a few months, she’ll be able to hug my parents as their daughter-in-law.

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“Looseness and Wild Relief”

best of super

Our play had been a success, though of course I hadn’t liked it much. She’d been great, though, and somehow the looseness and wild relief of the after party buoyed me across the room to her. She said she’d never seen me like this – cheery, the smile on my face without a trace of irony.

— Steve

Postscript: We dangled our feet in a pool, later that night, and quietly talked till dawn as we watched the darting reflections on the water.

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“Saving the world”


Sitting on a park bench, we talked for hours about South African politics. Him, the bright Namibian law student with the scruffy beard. And me, the wide-eyed undergraduate who dreamed of saving the world. As our hands locked, two different worlds inevitably became one.

—Fleur Sauvage

Postscript: After dating for two months during my undergraduate study abroad program, we decided to stay together (despite the 8,000 miles that separated us). We are engaged to be married next summer.

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“Pregnant pause”


When your girlfriend gets pregnant and you get married, everyone thinks you’re going to fail. She thought I married her because she was pregnant, not because I loved her. So I had another person to prove it to. When she was pregnant she was really sick. When you see each other at your worst and you can say, “I still love that person,” that means you really love them.


Postscript: Almost 30 years and four kids later, I love her more than I ever have.

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“Mother knows best”


I saw the way that he treated my mother and the way she treated him back. She loved him before I did. With five sons she really wasn’t looking for another, and I thought, “Hm, this must be a pretty nice guy.”


Postscript: We dated for the last two years of high school and got married right after graduation. We’ve been together for 56 years and had a son and four perfect grandchildren.

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