“First Kiss”


I was leaving a bar and I saw her standing outside smoking with a friend. I pretended to be drunk, and jokingly told her they were throwing me out because I was too tall and that my moves were too hot. She told me she would find me on the dance floor in 20 minutes and that we would steam it up. About a half hour later, while I was dancing, she danced up and took a photograph of herself kissing me on the cheek, and then danced away. A few minutes later, we started dancing together. We’ve been dancing together ever since, and in the photo that she took of us it looks like we’ve been together for years.


Postscript: Very much in love, and moving in together in one week.

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“Pretend tour”


We were sitting on a bench at night near a river that runs through the city we lived in, describing each others’ houses. Suddenly, she stood up and gave me a pretend tour of her room. We were also high school sweethearts.


We were off and on for four years after that and then she moved. Now, she’s a lesbian and lives in Arizona.

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I got the butterflies for the first time and they haven’t gone away eleven years later!! Even though it took a while for the engagement, it was okay because he wanted to wait for me to finish college. Which I love him sooooooo much for.


Postscript : We are still together and engaged.

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“Organic mattress”


A guy I was dating spent a sunny Saturday driving me to and from the suburbs outside of the city — a three-hour trip with traffic — so I could try out an organic mattress.


Postscript: He was a commitment-phobe so we never got to test the bed properly once it was delivered.

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“Screen name”


On the night of my first high school homecoming, I got reacquainted with a former elementary school crush. When the night ended, he asked for my AIM screen name. I told him it would be the hardest thing he’d ever need to remember, but when I got home and turned on my computer, he was the first one to instant message me.


Postscript: Three years and just an hour short of six months, we parted ways.

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I’d been dating this funny Indian dude for a couple months; we were staggering back to my place at 3 a.m. after getting obliterated with some friends at a dive bar. A car full of Jersey Bros drove by, slowed down, and one of them leaned out the window and yelled at us “HEY, I’M GONNA F*** YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” Without a second’s hesitation, he drunkenly screamed back “F*** YOUUU, CRACKA!” as they drove off and I knew he was for me.


Postscript: He’s asleep in the other room right now; we just resigned our lease for another year.

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“Just a tin can”

best of super

I hit a deer with his car. Actually, the deer ran into the car. He was super-concerned about me, not the car. When I kept apologizing, he said “It’s just a tin can. I can replace the car. I can’t replace you.” With this I knew it was love, not just lust.


Postscript: It’s six years later and we’ve been married for four of them.

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