“Tel Aviv”


We were right outside Tel Aviv. I had known him briefly from Philadelphia, where he’d been a teacher at a nearby high school.

— Sarah

Postscript: When he pulled up to the curb and strode off his motorcycle, helmet in hand, I fell for him pretty hard.

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“Literary Love”

best of surprising

We were just friends, but I was always kinda into him & recently those feelings were getting more intense. Then, at a bookstore one day, he called to me from down the aisle, “Hey! Darling! What book is that?” My heart jumped, flipped, froze and melted.

— Ronni

Postscript: He can call me that anytime.

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“Crush, Deliberation”

best of surprising

It was the end of high school. She’d been my crush for two years, the object of so many furtive glances. My every move toward her was planned, prioritized, considered, debated. We’d become friends; if not close, then trusting. In the final week of school, I tossed deliberation to the winds and asked her out.

— Dan

Postscript: We dated for five, heady months before the separation of college drove us apart.

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“The Ant and the Grape”

best of surprising

I was driving the groom into the church parking lot when I saw her. She was hauling this ridiculously huge green Victorian costume she had to wear as bridesmaid out of her compact car. It was like an ant carrying a grape. The groom knew something was up when I fell dead silent in mid-sentence…and stayed silent.

–Irresponsible Uncle Billy

Postscript: Ten years later I was driving the cakes to our own wedding.

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“Conversations and cappuccinos”

surprising sweet

Morning coffee runs were our thing. We had different friends and were dating other people, but a few mornings a week he’d pick me up and we’d drink coffee and talk about books. I fell in love with his mind. One morning I got a text from my boyfriend and my heart sank when I saw it wasn’t from the friend; that’s when I knew I’d fallen for the rest of him too.


Postscript: We still are not together…and I am not with the other guy either…

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“The biker chick”


Our first date was on St. Patrick’s’ Day. I was dressed to kill with a bright green sweater and starched white shirt, pressed khakis and Weejuns.  She had jeans and a leather jacket. She suggested a place to go for dinner.  Walking in, I noticed the very long bar was full of bikers with heavy boots, lots of ratty hair, wallet-chains  and many layers of smoke in the room. I felt sure I only had a few minutes to live. She introduced me to the guys lined up on the wall watching us play.  All were friends of hers, keeping an eye out for her safety.  I knew she had to be The One.


Postscript: for our 25th anniversary, I recorded a 11-minute monologue about this event, remembering my feelings at the time. I presented it to her as a gift.  She was thrilled.

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“Out of control”


When I was introduced to Dave he had long hair, wore leather pants and
smoked. Not the person I saw myself with long term. I ended up going on a
date with him and realized I was in love with him because we had so much
fun. I didn’t care what anyone thought. When I brought him home to meet my
family, my mom said to my sister, “That’s who Paula is going to marry
because she can’t control him.”


Postscript: 23 years of marriage, 2 kids and I still can’t control him.

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