“All you had to do is ask”


We were driving home from the grocery store one day after a few months together, and she asked, “Do you love me?” After thinking about it for a minute, I realized, “Well, yes, I guess I do.” All it took was her asking me to realize it.


Postscript: We’ve been together almost two years, minus one short break, and are making plans to move in together.

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“Flood of Emotion”


We unexpectedly found a snake in his partially flooded basement on a rainy evening. It took two hours to capture it together. Seeing him regress to the likes of an 8-year-old girl, complete with the high-pitched scream, melted my heart.


Post Script: Dated for nine months and broke up. Reconnected in the spring of 2009 and just recently (finally) confessed our love to each other.

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“Modern Day Love Story”


I read her entire 93 page blog before we even met. She captivated me before I met her, and has captivated me ever since.

— Lacey

Postscript: We got married this January!

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“I just knew”


I couldn’t be happy unless I was with him. I could tell when I first met him that he would be the end of me…

— Lelly

Postscript:…and I love it.

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“Playground Love”


We were playing frisbee and he threw it and accidentally hit me square in the nose. He immediatley ran over to check on me and luckily my nose wasn’t broken.

— RMHS Love

Postscript: Twelve years later he still looks over at me at the oddest times and says my nose still looks a little off.

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“Instrumental Aphrodisiac”


We were just friends, talking about music and it came up how much we both liked TOOL. He told me his favorite CD was “Opiate” which I had never heard of (it’s not that easy to find). He went out to his car, grabbed it, gave it to me and told me to keep it. He said he knew I would appreciate it and he would just get another one.

— Lisa

Postscript: We didn’t get together until two years after that but five years of dating later we’re still going strong. Thanks Maynard!

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“God Bless 311”

best of surprising

I started hooking up with a newly single friend. I thought I was just doing it for the “nookie” until we went to a 311 concert together as friends and some loser started hitting on her. I grabbed her and started making out with her making it obvious she wasn’t single anymore.

— Bob

Postscript: Five years later we’re still making out in public. God bless 311.

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