“Truck Love”

best of surprising

I knew it was love when he called me to tell me he rolled his truck and my first instinct was to get in my car and go to him. I picked him up from the hospital. Two days later, I spent 5 hours on the road helping him take care of his totaled truck and get something new to drive.


Postscript: Two weeks later, his transmission went out. I helped him again without a single hesitation. He told me he loved me that evening.

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best of surprising

After dating for a few weeks, we were fooling around at my house. I wanted to make sure he was having as much fun as I was, so I asked him to say something. He thought for a minute and said, “I love you.” Not what I was expecting, but after I thought a minute myself, I realized I loved him too.


Postscript: He was the first guy I ever dated who said “I love you” first, and we’re still together (and now married) five years later.

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best of surprising

We met at a bar after we had both had a few too many. After she drunkenly smiled at me, I waited way too long to say anything. Once I did, she was on her way out the door.  After meeting up with her at a different bar, she forgot my name.  Drunk and tired, I weaseled my way into her apartment. When I tried to weasel my way into her bed, I was on the street before I knew it.  I pulled a Costanza though, and left my watch at her place.


Aftermath:  We had another date when we weren’t blitzed (to get my watch), and we realized we have more in common than a love of alcohol.  Now we’re to be married in June 2010.

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“One Night Stand”

best of surprising

I was a waitress, he was a cook. He kept watching me. My friend liked him, she asked him out, she dragged me with her, the cook and I started talking. He was planning a one night stand with me, I wasn’t planning anything.


Postscript: Seven years and three boys later, it has been a long one night stand.

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best of surprising

Over a year’s time, my boss kept asking me for a date. I kept telling him that I would never date anyone who had power over my job. I heard through the grapevine that he had asked for a transfer to another department. When his boss asked him why he wanted to move, he said it was so I would go on a date with him.


Postscript: He transferred, I dated him then married him. Now, I’m his boss.

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“300 Miles”

best of surprising

It was love when he showed up at my door after two years together, an emotional breakup, and four months living 300 miles apart and said, “I don’t care about the distance. I just want to be with you.”


Postscript: We’re back together and doing our best to maintain a long distance relationship. It’s working well so far and I’m confident that someday we will be able to live happily together.

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“As only Woody Allen could write”

best of surprising

I went to my grandmother’s funeral and did not get a call or text from my boyfriend the whole week I was gone. I did get a text from my cute coworker, who snuck into the store computer where we both worked to find my phone number. The day after I came home, my boyfriend yelled at me for not calling him and I dumped him. I spent the afternoon tickling my coworker while watching one of my favorite Woody Allen films which, to my surprise, he enjoyed.


Postscript: We have only been together one year, but I know I will love him forever.

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