“A Long Time Coming”


We had been friends for a decade; he was my crush when I was younger. We meant again when I started attending a college near his house. We started dating and one week later he got into trouble with the law. Expecting me to be upset and yell at him, he said that he was lucky to have me and that he might even love me—all via txt. I instantly knew I could never live with out him.


Postscript: Valentine’s Day is our 9 month anniversary and I have never been happier. We have tough spots but we know No Matter What that we will make it. I can’t wait to spend my life with him.

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best of surprising

We were friends since elementary school, but I was always dating someone else. One day we were doing homework together at his house. I was looking through his iTunes when I realized that our playlists were nearly identical, down to a few really obscure songs.


Postscript: We started dating a year later, got married three years after that and have been together for five years.

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“Boot Camp”


I just came out of boot camp. He and I hung out with numerous coworkers (all guys), til one day he asked me out, just him and I.  He said he couldn’t handle letting the other douche bag guys use me cause he wanted me to himself and for me to not get used or hurt. I knew he was different from any man after that point.


Postscript: We’re still together. I just moved in with him and we’re getting married June 19, 2010! :)

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“I Could Finally Say”

best of surprising

It was love when I could finally say to myself, that I love him. I only just realized this a few minutes ago after being on the phone for hours into the wee morning. We finally said our goodnights and I felt a rush of warmth and longing for him wash over me. As I sat here reading “It was love when” I realized…it’s love. We talked about what the other thinks about as our heads hit the pillow, our eyes slowly shut, and the visions of one another are as sweet and vibrant as they are when we’re together.


Postscript: He may not love me yet, but he cares about me more than he does himself. If that’s not enough to admit my love for him—even if it’s just on this website for now—one day when he can say he feels the same it will make “the juice worth the squeeze.”

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“Grilled Cheese”


Our first date was spent walking on the beach and ended up at Denny’s at 1 am for grilled cheese. Our second date, over a year later, when we were at a nice place and eating brie on toast he said to me “Look, it’s grilled cheese in another form.” My heart did a flip-flop right then, when he remembered our grilled cheese.


Postscript: I’ve gone out with him 4 times now…

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“Pick Up Chicks”


He was taking his younger friend out to show him how to pick up chicks in bars. He asked to borrow my space at the crowded bar to get a drink and threw straws at the bar tender to get his attention for a drink, all the while listening to my conversation with my friend. He got his drink, sat in my friend’s chair and pretended to know all about me. We ended up talking all night. He lived in San Francisco, I live in Denver. Six months later I moved to San Fran—3 years later we married.


Postscript: Not a good way to teach guys to pick up chicks. Maybe wives but not chicks! We celebrate our 24 year anniversary 9/22/09 (today).

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“Not too early…”


We were sitting on the sofa in my apartment and had just watched a movie. He kissed me, looked at me, and innocently and sincerely asked “Is it too early to tell you I love you?” It wasn’t too early, although it had only been 25 days since our first date. I told him “I love you” back.


Postscript: We’ll be married 4 years on 10/1/09, and we never miss an opportunity to tell each other “I love you.” It is never too early to tell someone you love them, but it can always be too late.

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