“Picture This”


Someone took a picture of him and me talking while standing in a line at Harry Potter World. Our conversation was probably arbitrary, about school or some television show. But the way we were staring into each other’s eyes in that photo said it all. And I knew from then on it was love.

— Lil

Postscript: To this day I have no idea how he really feels about me.

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“More Than Yes”


After months of being in denial about how I felt, I finally asked “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” And the way her face lit up told me so much more than, “Yes.” And I only hope she got what I was really thinking too.


Postscript: We’ve been dating for seven months, and even though that’s not a very long time, she’s absolutely the light of my life.

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“There he was”


Me and this guy have been friends for over 3 years now and each day I fall harder and harder for him…I told myself that I could move on once he told me he loved me…Well I was wrong. I couldn’t move on. The moment he told me he loved me was when I finally fell and hit the ground. We aren’t together, but I wish we were. I could keep trying, but I know one day he will see what he is missing…


Postscript: Later that day he looked at me as we were singing and said are you gonna kiss me or not? I kissed him and now we are together :)

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“Hate turned into love”


We grew up together in Iraq, but when I turned 6 years old we moved from there. 10 years later he sent me a friend request on Facebook, and after looking at his pictures and his updates, I just didn’t like this guy. Even though he was very good looking, something about him annoyed me. Every time we talked I found him very funny and entertaining, but somehow I couldn’t stand him. A year after that we met on the dance floor at a friend’s wedding. It was love at first sight, just looking at his eyes changed my whole view of him.


Postscript: I found out that he hated me to, but seeing me on the dancefloor changed his mind about me. We’re now engaged and plan to get married. I love him so much.

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It was love when I watched him work the room for two hours, and only shared six words with him. I was so nervous. It was love when we sat in his car blasting the heat, and he told me everything about himself. It was love when he started talking excitedly about existentialism once I brought up Albert Camus. It was love when I called him sobbing, and he talked me down, even though he was sick.

I denied it and denied it, but one night, after talking about how perfect our relationship was and how happy he was to have me, I couldn’t deny it anymore.

Postscript: Outside forces forced us apart, and he got back together with his ex a week later. This was 15 months ago, and I’m completely aware of how in love with him I was – and still am.

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“When you think you’re bored…”


Sometimes being young, stupid and looking for excitement ruins the rest of your life. But you don’t realize it until it gone for years. Love changes as you get older that’s for sure. I had a responsible man, who took care of everyone financially, worked everyday, was home all the time and annoyed me watching football. Mostly Texas Football, and we lived in Chicago. But ya know, when I was 35 years old, I started longing for those boring days, became a homebody, and really thought about my life. But now…he has four kids and a wife. I have a husband. I love my husband very much. But in a different kinda way, and I will never ever forget the man who actually raised me from a kid to a young lady, and showed me what life was really all about. Bluebeard this is for you. Never forgetting!

— Carol

Postscript: From Argyle to the Suburbs of DesPlaines, you followed me, and let me know you were there! Thank you for making me the woman that I am!

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“Finding my religion”

surprising sweet

It was a Friday after work and we went out for famous chicken burritos. I am a practicing Catholic, and remembered it was Lent and I should not be eating meat on Fridays. I quietly said to myself, “oh no it’s Friday.” I didn’t even think he heard me. He did, and immediately spit out his food. I didn’t realize exactly how much my religion meant to me, but having someone share that connection made me realize we had a bond that was deeper than I thought.


Postscript: We have been married for 23 years.

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