“Falling for my best friend”


When I was 14, I was devastated when my boyfriend of two months broke up with me for another girl.  Upon the break up, his best friend continued to befriend me. Although I dated multiple boys through high school, the two of us hung out every weekend and he was always there for me. He would take me out on dates, tell me I was beautiful, and we would tell everyone that we were getting married (mainly a joke at the time.) But a point came when I knew I loved him. He was the only boy that I had ever been able to rely on, I told him that I wanted to be with him and two days later he hung a huge sign on a watch tower that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” I knew at that point that I couldn’t be any happier than being with my best friend.


Post script: We have been dating for two and a half years and are going strong

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“Finding love in unexpected places”


We become friends at work even though we did not have much in common.  He was disciplined, orderly and worked everything through with quiet reserve.  I worked like a tornado went through and took “walking talking” breaks.  But, I knew he was a good person with a soft heart.  Not being the guy for me, I was determined to introduce him to girlfriends, thinking any of them would make a wonderful girlfriend.  After several failed attempts—every woman introduced was not his “type.” He finally told me that he was only humoring me because he wanted to spend time with me.


Postscript: We were different but we shared morals and values.  That’s what brought us together and what has kept us together.

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“Brought together by Britney”


It was Britney Spears (and her unfortunate mishap with a razor) that brought us together. Her bald head plastered on my tabloid caught his attention after I had been eying him all afternoon. We were dating a week later. He told me he loved me later that year as we stood in the rain – and I watched him leave for college the next day.


Postscript: It had been years, but this past summer we had a chance to reconnect. Things were not the same as high school and it didn’t end up lasting. I only realized how much he loved me once I stopped loving him.

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“Sweet and sour”


I discovered physical love with him. He was funny and original. We were married for 17 years. We had two children together. During our marriage, sourness began to overtake the sweetness, and I was relieved when it was over.


Postscript: We’re forever bound by our children and remain friends.

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“Mopeds and letters”


I saw a cute guy dressed in white pants, a black-and-white checkered shirt, and a white sailor’s cap. His smile melted me. I saw him every day about the same hour, usually at dusk. I was in love with him, but he had all sorts of girlfriends, and I just knew I would never be one of them.

He left our hometown three years later to go to boarding school in Portugal, and we started corresponding. In one of his letters, he told me he regretted not having really known me. I would occasionally return to Portugal to visit my family, but I never visited the bank where he was the president, fearing the old feelings of love would return.


Postscript: After he passed away, it was my turn to regret never having gone into the bank to see him.

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“Easy to love”


I broke up with my then-boyfriend, who wrote about his feelings on his LiveJournal. A guy I barely knew read it and sent me a message on instant messenger asking if I wanted to go out sometime. We went to see The Incredibles. I thought I was going on a rebound date, but he was so easy to love that just a few weeks later, I realized I was going to marry him.


Postscript: We’ve been married two years now, and he’s become even easier to love.

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“Send in the clowns”


I was 13 at a summer camp in the woods. It was at the talent show in an amphitheater alight from a bonfire. Just 12, slim and comely, she sang “Send in the Clowns,” and I died for my longing. Somehow I met her that night. The whole week I tried to arrange it so we could be alone. And finally I got my first kiss. I’d see her one week a year until we grew too old for camp. There were other attempts to see her afterward, but she usually had a boyfriend.


Postscript: I never was right for her anyhow.

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