“A sinking feeling”


I drank too much and thought I might be sick. He came and sat on the bathroom floor with me so I wouldn’t be alone. I didn’t get sick, but I woke up over an hour later with him holding me in his arms on that cold floor. He smiled down at me and said I looked a lot happier after waking up.


Postscript: By the time we came back to school in the fall, it was definitely official. We have been dating for over a year now, and things are going really well.

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“Wish her the best”


I had almost fotgotten about my first love when she was there for me at a time when friends were few and far between.

— Ryan

Postscript: She’s happily married but I never forgot her support and I wish her the best.

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“The Kiss”


When I first met him I felt like I already knew him and could trust him.  After seven months, we talked about being together, but I said I wasn’t certain what I wanted. He told me he was willing to walk a long and winding road on this adventure, and to take all the time I needed. A week later we kissed for the first time.

As I drove away after that kiss, a thought occurred to me-I just kissed the last man in my life. I knew immediately. 

— K

Postscript: We got engaged a few months later, and still going strong. I couldn’t be happier!

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“All About ME”


When we started dating she actually wanted to know about me. It wasn’t all about her (like my last relationship).

— Iggy

Postscript: Five years later we are married with three kids. I’d do it all over again.

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I was upset, telling him a pointless story and realized I was babbling like an idiot. Embarrassed I said “Forget it, I’m sorry. It’s not important.” He said “Everything you say is important.”

— Chatty Cathy

Postscript: We broke up after a year but that was sweet and scored him major points.

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“The Planner”


He started making our dates mini-adventures…kyaking, hiking, picnics…it was fun and exciting. I was impressed.

— Enforcer 007

Postscript: He was having an equally fun and exciting relationship with my best friend.

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“Death Metal Devotion”

best of surprising

He wrote me a terrible death metal love song and played it for me on his guitar. The music was horrifying but I knew he loved me.

— Michelle

Postscript: Sadly he passed away…

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