“Aunt Flow”

best of surprising

The first night I slept over I got my period and bled all over his white sheets. I was mortified. He said “No biggie, that’s what detergent is for,” and made me breakfast.

— Red

Postscript: We were together for a while but it didn’t work out. He’ still a great guy though. No hard feelings.

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“More today than yesterday…”


I didn’t realize how much I loved him until we came full circle and our children left the house.

— Betty

Postscript: After 40 years of marriage we have five children, 15 grandchildren and eachother to hold. I love him more than ever.

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best of surprising

I only knew him for two weeks but was so smitten I left the country with him to visit his family. I lost my passport and we were stranded for six months.

— Sucker

Postscript: He is still the same wonderful man that I met that first day and 18 years and five kids later we are still together.

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“Bar Hopping”


While at a popular bar, my friend ran into two guys she knew in high school. One of them started talking to me and offered to buy me a drink. Both his group of friends and my friends spent the rest of the night bar hopping. We had so much fun, laughing, drinking, making fun of our drunk friends, dancing, and simply hanging out. The next day we texted each other all day and I ended up meeting up with him at his place to celebrate his friend’s birthday. When we finally had a formal first date, he took me to a nice restaurant and we walked along the coast just talking about random stuff. I knew then I would marry him.


Postscript: Two months after we met, we were engaged and two years after that, we were married. We have been married for about a year and half and I can’t see myself with anyone else.

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“Red Light”

best of surprising

When we were stopped at a light I turned my head and saw a busty 20-something blonde in a blue ’64 Mustang.

“Wow that’s sweet,” I said, referring to the car. So, my girlfriend looked the same direction and said, “Sure is, and the car is sweet too!” This caused me to miss the light turning green and to do an honest-to-god double-take at her. Then the driver behind me then began honking.


Postscript: We’ve been together for almost 12 years now. We both love classic and muscle cars and can appreciate the beauty of the female form. Red lights are a good thing.


“Hot Hockey Mom”

best of surprising

A friend and I decided to go to a hockey game with our sons—not knowing I was being set up. She is one hot woman, her and her friend talked about everything from hockey to leg shaving. She was trying to check me out and I was doing the same. All we said to each that night was hi and bye. I got her number and texted her to apologize for not talking to her. We talked for about 10 hours the next night.


Postscript: We have been “checking” each other out for over 2 years now! I knew after that first phone conversation she was my soulmate.

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“Nerdy Love”

best of surprising

I was reading “Ultimate Spider-Man” volume 22, when Mary Jane and Peter Parker announce they 1) love each other and 2) would marry each other and 3) ultimately hook up. I thought to myself, “I love him more than Spider-Man loves Mary Jane.”  I no longer question if I might love him, I just know that I do.

—Mary Jane

Postscript: This was yesterday, 2/26/2010, that I came to the realization. I’ve known that he’s loved me for a year; I’m sorry that I made him wait.

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