“The Beach”

best of surprising

We had been happily dating for a few months. One day, while driving around town, we were stopped at an intersection when he pointed toward a side road and said, “If you go that way for 3 hours, you end up at the beach.” I laughed. He got a big smile on his face and asked, “You don’t believe me?” Three hours later we were walking on the beach in the moonlight. I knew then that I would spend the rest of my life with him.


Postscript: This year we will mark 19 years of marriage. He is my husband and best friend, and we still take drives on a whim.

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best of surprising

I knew it was love when we exchanged padlock keys.


Postscript: I didn’t believe in soul mates before I met him. Now I believe in soul mates and happily ever after.

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“City Lights”

best of surprising

Our relationship had moved pretty fast, and I had just gotten out of a rough, long term one a few months prior. I was scared to let her know how strongly felt, despite the short time. I had my arms around her while we were looking at the city lights, my heart beating fast. It just came out and I told her I loved her.


Postscript: She asked me to repeat it, then turned around and told me she loved me too. I’m so happy with her and I feel like things are gonna work out for us.

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“Look at Me, I Love You”

best of surprising

At some point in my youth, my brain conjured up a scenario of true love: the man would lift my face up to his and say, “Look at me, I love you.”

I met him a couple years ago but recently reconnected at a friend’s wedding. At the after-party, I saw him walking toward me from the adjacent room. “Where are you going?” I asked. His eyes sparkled and when he said, “Wherever you are,” it immediately rang synonymous with “Look at me, I love you.”


Postscript: We both feel lucky and know we’ll be together till the end.

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best of surprising

After we spent the night together, we couldn’t spend the day together because he “had things to do.” Later that night, we were lying together in his bed, snuggling and reading together, when suddenly he turned off the lights and told me to look up at the ceiling. Glow-in-the-dark stars covered the entire ceiling, spelling out “I love you.”


Postscript: He’d spent the whole day working on it! I told him that I loved him too, and we’ve been together ever since.

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I was dating someone at the time who had just cheated on me and met him through a mutual friend. During a night of heavy drinking he kissed me and I let him. I told my boyfriend at the time, but we all still hung out together two nights later. That night, I knew it wasn’t just a one night thing when we held hands and it felt so natural. More ended up occurring and I didn’t even regret it one bit. Afterward, we knew it had to be discussed, and ended up talking nonstop for hours.


Postscript: I quickly ditched the cheater and have been incredibly happy with my new guy ever since.


“Years Young”


He used to be my best friend’s husband. They had been divorced 10 years, but I would write a couple times a year just to check on him and see how things wee going. One time I wrote to him, my marriage was ending. I always only saw him as a good friend, so it was a surprise when we found out how much we had in common. We wrote to each other for seven months, made plans to go to Kansas City for a week and had a wonderful time together. We hated having to leave each other. I moved to Arkansas to be with him in January.


Postscript: We celebrated our 8-year Anniversary this year. Still happy and in love. Oh, by the way, we were married at age 53 and are now both 60 years young.

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