“Family Guy”

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I had dated him for a short time a few years back, and it didn’t work out. I went out to a bar with my roommate and proceeded to get very drunk. I saw him, said hello, and told him to come back to my place with me. He was gone when I woke up hungover the next morning, and I was actually grateful for it. Later that day, he called my roommate’s phone (I never gave him my number) and asked to come hang out and watch Family Guy with me. I thought there must be something special about a guy who still wants to be with me when I’m at my worst.


Postscript: It’s been 3 years and we just got engaged. Sometimes you gotta give a guy another chance.

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I’d known that my male friend was interested in me and went back and forth for months about whether I liked him back or was just lonely. He’d come over a few nights for movies and take-out and I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but I never gave him the opportunity. Finally, I decided that no matter what I felt, I at least wanted to make out. I gave him an unexpected hug and he leaned in and kissed me, and as soon as our lips touched I knew that it was him I was interested in.


Postscript: We’re moving in together and talking about marriage and kids. We both know that after a long time of being single and waiting for the right person, we’ve both found it.

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“At Last”


I was going to an audition and he escorted me to the third floor. The conversation was maybe three minutes, but I felt my heart flutter. Etta James’ song “At Last” was playing in my head. The eye contact was intense and his personality was amazing. The good guy I’d always wanted!


Postscript: I was engaged when we met, but became single a few months later. I asked him to dinner and we’ve been hanging out ever since! He’s been hurt so we are moving slow — but he’s worth waiting for.

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“World stops”

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I believe in love at first sight. I saw him at a wedding and I knew that I wanted to be with him. We instantly hit it off. We’ve kept in touch for the past 4 years. I recently saw him and all my feeling came rushing back. My world stops when he hugs me. He is seeing someone else, but won’t admit that to me. I don’t know how things will end up but I can’t imagine myself being with anyone else but him. He makes me so damn happy!

—Still Waiting

Postscript: I’ll wait until he realizes how much I love him.

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“Built up”


I can’t remember exactly when I decided I loved him. It just sort of built up and I figured it out one day. I wrote lists about his pros and cons several times to decide if I should date him. Thinking about it now that we’ve been together for some time, I realize he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. Even better, he seems to feel the same way about me.


Postscript: We plan to be together for a very, very long time.

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“I might die”

best of surprising

After a day on the coast, we drove back in a downpour as she took corners too quickly on a winding highway. Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” started to play on a static-fuzzed radio and I thought, “I’m in love with this girl and I might die.”


Postscript: She didn’t actually kill me and we dated for three years. The breakup, however, nearly killed me.

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“To my surprise”


I was free-writing in my journal after a breakup with a really nice, really boring man I’d tried to make myself love. To my surprise, the words that flowed from my pen were not about my ex, but instead about a guy friend I’d never consciously thought of in “that” way: “I’m in love with this other guy, who has a girlfriend. I’m writing this merely to document what it should feel like for future reference.”


Postscript: The girlfriend moved out. We’ve been together two years.

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