“Good help is hard to find”


He washed the walls in my new apartment for me even though we had only gone on two dates.


Postscript: We were married a little over a year later and am still married 41 years later.

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“Never Over”

best of super sweet

1940: sophomores in high school — I invited him on a moonlight cruise on Lake Michigan and instant love on first date. Seven years later, including WWII overseas, we married.


Postscript: Eight children later and a long goodbye next to him in the hospital, he went with the angels to God. A marvelous long love story — never over.

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“A man in uniform”


I was hooked before he even spoke to me. He was in his Navy uniform.

—Supporting Our Troops

Postscript: Turns out the Navy is not conducive for a dating life.

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“No sleep for the loved”


It was that eerily quiet time of night just before dawn. We were lying next to each other, just talking. I had no desire to go to bed.


Postscript: I’ve since tried to maintain a better sleep schedule.

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“The last dance”


We were friends. He always could count on me as a last-minute date, and we would dance. At his brother’s wedding, it was the last song and we hadn’t danced yet. I said, “Don’t just stand there—dance with me.” The minute we started to dance I knew what it was like to dance on air.


Postscript: Marriage, kids, more dancing.

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“Elementary Sweethearts”

best of sweet

In 5th grade we dated for several months, but we were young and naive.

Fast forward. Senior year we had a class together, and we both were in longtime relationships. We talked all the time. They broke up, and we talked even more. When my boyfriend and I fought he was there, comforting me saying it would be OK, wiping my tears. Anything I needed, he was there in a second. After an entire year of be an amazing friend, my sad excuse for a man broke up with me, and I finally realized my amazing friend was the love of my life.


Postscript: we’ve been together six months, and we are going to get married and be in love for the rest of our lives. He is my prince and makes me feel like a princess.

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“Playground Love”


I was in second grade and my boyfriend was in fifth grade together. I use to spend my time during recesses to continuously chase him around the playground of our elementary school. I would even just stand by him and just blush sometimes. Then when it came time for his class to come to my class for reading buddies he picked me to read to despite his lisp and his stutter. Sadly though, my parents made me switch school the next year. Luckily my sister stayed in touch with him.


Postscript: Years later, he came to my sisters house for dinner to catch up. Needless to say that sparks were still there. We were both surprised to see how much we have grown up since our playground days. We have been together now for six months and we are happier than ever!

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