After a 22-hour flight, I saw him at the airport, waiting for me to meet his family. I could see everything in his beautiful eyes, they were so bright, full of happiness and love and excitement — I can’t even explain it. He was holding a bouquet of roses for me. As soon I got close to him he kissed my hand, touched my face and with teary eyes he said, “We are finally together, I love you.”


Postscript: He moved 6,532 miles to live with me. In three weeks we are getting married!!

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Two moments: 1) We fell asleep cuddling in a twin bed and woke up in the same exact position. It was one of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever gotten. 2) I went on a sky coaster, which is almost like bungee jumping. A big drop and a swing in a harness. I’m terrified of falling and I wouldn’t have done that with anyone else.


Postscript: We dated for two years, half of it long distance. It ended because of the distance. I’m seeing him again in two months, for the first time in four years. I still love him.

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He made an inside joke about my love of waffles, then made them for me. I knew I had to hold onto him.


Postscript: We’ve been dating 7 months. He still makes me laugh. And breakfast.

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When after church one day, I went over to his apartment and fell asleep in his couch. I caught him staring at me as I slept, with a smile on his face. In that moment, my heart mirrored the smile he had on his face.


Postscript: We got engaged four months later.

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“Let It Be Me”


We were sitting on my living room floor in my apartment wrapping Christmas gifts for our families. I moved over to sit in his lap. We leaned our foreheads against one another & proceeded to sing our song, “Let It Be Me” by Rosie Thomas, in a low whisper to each other. I knew I loved him then, so when the song ended…I told him. Then, we had our first kiss.


Postscript: He dumped me after a year because he wasn’t ready for a long term relationship. He didn’t know by month 3 or 4? I don’t believe it’s over. I love him still.

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“Do you see it?”


We were in bed together, sitting up, facing each other, foreheads touching and I had a moment of overflowing happiness. I said, “Do you see it?” “See what?” he said. “The beauty.” “Well, yeah,” he said and gave me a crooked grin. And I was smitten.


Postscript: We see each other every couple of weeks or months. We’re both moving to very different, faraway places, so it was a relationship doomed from the start.

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“The grubby kitchen floor”

best of sweet

My dog had died. I was crying in the kitchen when, out of the blue, my boyfriend asked me, “Do you want to roll on the floor?” And you know, strangely I did. So we both got onto the grubby kitchen floor and just kinda rolled around and over each other. And I felt a million times better.


Postscript: There were some really amazing moments but we were both disasters and it didn’t last.

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