“Half asleep”


I realized I loved you when half asleep and half awake, I shivered, and you pulled the blanket over my shoulders and ran your lips across my neck.


Postscript: He lived across the country, so I moved there to be with him, still together after a year. Living together and very much in love.

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“A corn maze”


Whenever she smiles, she looks like an angel. We went to a corn maze together in the fall of 2008 and I could not keep my eyes off of her. I will marry her someday, soon.


Postscript: Still waiting…

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“It was unbelievable”


We were snuggling on the couch together watching a movie when I had the irresistible urge to jump on his lap and cover him in kisses. My lips wanted to be all over his skin. Then with our foreheads pressed together, my whole heart completely melted and spread a deep soothing warmth throughout my chest. It was unbelievable.


Postscript: Going on a year and a couple months…looking forward to forever.

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“Hear his voice”


Six hours of talking on the phone passed by without my ever looking at a clock. When my battery went dead at three in the morning, I stood by the toaster with my cell phone plugged in so I could continue to hear his voice.


Postscript: I dropped everything and moved across the country to be with him.

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“I ate in the dark”


He helped me move into my new apartment, which had no power. He asked what my favorite foods were, then had his mother cook those dishes. He dropped them off like it was no big deal. (We weren’t even dating at the time.) I ate in the dark that night, wondering what kind of guy asks his poor mother to go and buy groceries and slave over the stove for some girl she barely knows. She was probably wondering the same.


Postscript: We didn’t last long (he went abroad, and we lost touch), but he’s still the guy to whom I compare all others I date.

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“His better qualities”


We sat in the car at Ocean Beach, looking at the Pacific after a walk around the Cliff House. After weeks of wooing me, and me trying to ignore his better qualities (determination and steadfastness), he put on Nick Drake’s “Northern Sky”, and that was it. I couldn’t be tough or indifferent any longer, and I gave in.


Postscript: Still together a year and a half later, living together and planning our future.

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“Swing Dance Aftermath”


After flirting with him for weeks at swing dance, I got horribly sick. Early in the morning, he showed up at my door with a mug of hot chocolate. It was stupid and random and perfect.


Postscript: We broke up 5 months later because I was too afraid to let him know how that I needed him as much as he needed me.

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