“Blink-182 Sing-Along”


We were lying in bed after a night of drinking home-brewed spirits and dancing and singing to Blink-182. We’d only been seeing each other for a few weeks. I rolled over and looked at him and said “I think I’ve fallen for you.”


Postscript: He fell for me too and we were happy for a while … Then he left me for a midget and now they have a baby.

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“Shared Cigarettes”


We shared a cigarette, both of us perched on the rear bumper of his SUV. He told me he couldn’t imagine that he would ever meet anyone else in this world who understood him better than I did. I agreed, and then “I love you” spilled out of my mouth before I could stop myself.


Postscript: We broke up four months after that because of distance. He has a new girlfriend now. I still love him, and I like to think he was telling the truth.

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“An Electric Moment”


I was on his couch on top of him, and we just couldn’t stop laughing and staring at each other. That moment was perfect, we were cuddling, laughing, and really feeling the electric love in between us.


Postscript: We are going to have to break up because I’m going to another country, but we promised each other to keep in touch and to try to be together again, even if it’s as friends.

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“Guitar Song”


I first realized I was in love a few months after we met. We sat on his bed, me listening to him play guitar. Somehow in that moment I just knew.


Postscript: Two years later and we are no longer together… but the love is still there. He’s my best friend and to this day I would do anything for him and vice versa. Love comes in all forms and changes into others.

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“Kiwi Runner”


We went out on a run in the woods. I couldn’t keep up but he kept pushing me without leaving me in the dust. When we got back to his car, we sat on the hatch and ate kiwi and talked and kissed for a few hours. I realized I was crazy in love with him. He finally got the guts and told me a couple of weeks later.


Postscript: We’re still together and even more in love. If that’s even possible.

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“Gimme Some Sugar, Baby”

best of sweet

We began dating a week prior to my birthday. He bought me a gaming guide for World of Warcraft and a Bruce Campbell movie and poster—he paid attention to what I liked and didn’t get me the standard flowers or candy.


Postscript: We’re married and happy and play WoW together. (Yep, we’re nerds!)

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“It was all thanks to my purse”


My slouchy bag dragged in the water as I bent over to pick up debris left over from fixing a summer camp dock. I looked up and that’s when we met. Things were messy, then they were easier, and now I only receive his drunken Facebook messages. He always made fun of that bag. He still makes fun of that bag.


Postscript: I don’t want to keep in touch with him. But on occasion I find myself thinking about him and wondering if I should give him a call.

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