“Say It Again”


I realized we hadn’t said anything for about three minutes. We had just been standing in that kitchen, him leaning on the stove, me leaning on the counter opposite of him, two and a half months into our relationship. It hadn’t even been a particularly momentous day. But as I looked him in the eye, the words began to form autonomously. Then it happened. He said it. His words called up my words, and for twenty minutes we just stood in that kitchen saying over and over and back and forth, “I love you.”


Postscript: Two years later, we’ve just moved in together. We’ve both graduated from graduate school and are beginning to plan the rest of our life together.

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“Movie Night”


On the first night we spent alone together, we rented old cheesy movies, had Chinese food, and talked forever. In the morning, he looked at me in the eye, held my face, and kissed me like I have never been before.  He paused for a moment and said “I love you” with such conviction. I knew right then that I felt the same way, but since the relationship was still so new, I couldn’t bring myself to say it.


Postscript: That was almost seven years ago, and I still get that same feeling when I think of that moment.

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“The best medicine”

best of sweet

I was really sick and was working on a project until 1:30 in the morning. My boyfriend walked across campus to say goodnight to me and tuck me in. He even told me a bedtime story! The story of how we met, from his prospective.


Postscript: We’ve been together for 9 months, and he’s my first love.

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“Every single time.”

best of sweet

Every time I hear a love song on the radio in a store or anywhere, I get butterflies, think of him and smile. Every single time. It still happens.


Postscript: We’ve been together almost two years and I am convinced that he is my soulmate. Until forever ends.

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“From texting to romancing”


One night after a mixer we were texting and he decided to call me. We ended up talking for 4 hours and I had never opened up to someone so early on. I knew he was someone I would love if not romantically, as a best friend.


Postscript: As of right now we have been dating for well over a year and he is still the person I tell everything to.

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“He was the new kid”


In 10th grade, he was the new boy in school….all the girls wanted to meet him…but I got him!  We were friends for 1 year, dated for 9, married for 30.  The saying “I love him more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow” sounds cliché – but it pretty much sums up my ongoing love for my husband and best friend.


Postscript: I still have the same crush on him I had when he walked into class the first day.

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“The classroom crush”


He was a college crush. After class we all went to get coffee. He was already seated with some friends and when I approached, I asked if I could join them. Just as smooth as silk, he said, “We’re pretty particular who sits with us.” I thought, what a jerk! I sat down anyway, and the rest is history.


Postscript: After 41 years of marriage, we have many blessings to be grateful for. He is still pretty particular about who sits with him.

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