“Keeping the distance”


We started dating when we were sixteen. Now we’re in college, and even though we’re apart, the distance has actually brought us closer. We realized the times we do get to be with each other, however few, are far greater than the difficulty of being in love with someone two thousand miles away. I think I’ll hold on to him.


Postscript: Even though I wake up without him everyday, I know one day we will be together for good.

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“Spoiled surprises”


He is terrible at surprises. He can never hold them in. Birthdays, Christmas, you name it. He tried to surprise me our sophomore year of college by planning a trip to come visit me for Valentine’s Day, but instead he spilled the beans a week before he came out—he was so excited. Even though I wish he’d kept it a secret, it’s moments like these that remind me how hard we work to make this long distance relationship work. When I think there is no way I could love him any more than I do now, he manages to surprise me again.


Postscript: Still dating. He still hasn’t improved at surprising me.

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“He fell for the blonde first”


He was the funny guy in my 8th grade science class. I immediately fell for his witty jokes and flirty smile; he however fell for a pretty blonde come freshman year. I had just about given up on him until he asked me to the Homecoming dance our sophomore year…finally! I’d like to think it’s the smartest thing he’s ever done. We’ve been together ever since.


Postscript: Been together five years. Still flirting and still smiling.

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“My happiest anniversary”


On the eve of our one-year anniversary, he left for a class trip to Japan. The next morning, I walked downstairs sullenly, feeling bad for myself—why did my first serious boyfriend have to leave me alone on a “milestone” such as this? That’s when I saw the mountain of flowers and the card that detailed our past year together. That’s also when I knew my high school sweetheart was something more.


Postscript: Our relationship has lasted through high school and into college. I am hopeful for the future and many more anniversaries.

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“Time was no object”


I knew I was in love when I walked my boyfriend out to his car. It was about 10 degrees, dead of winter and we were talking and kissing and I realized we were out there for almost two hours, shivering in the cold but it didn’t matter because we were together. The temperature, or the time of night (morning) didn’t even register whatsoever.


Postscript: We still manage to lose track of time when we are together.

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“Summer love”


We were kids, sitting at the end of the dock on an August night. We stared up at sky and watched a meteor shower with our knobby knees touching. A shooting star raced through the sky and he turned to me and asked me what I wanted more than anything in the world. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to spend every minute of every day with him for the rest of my life. But being a shy 12-year-old, I lied and said I wanted a boat. It’s been 10 years and now I know he wished the same thing on that star.


Postscript: We are almost 21 now, and still together.

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“Really something”


We went out for a walk and lay on the lawn looking through the branches of locust trees into the clear night sky. Neither of us wanted to say goodnight. Instead, we named the songs on the White Album. We sang off-key to our favorites, until the morning dew started to form on the grass, and he walked me home.


Postscript: Later he would tell me I was “really something.” I’d roll my eyes, smile, and say that song was off Abbey Road.

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